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Tiktok adds product links + other digital updates

Digital Updates

January 22, 2024


It’s been a whirlwind week with all the major platforms dropping updates (and tests) left and right. From Meta pulling the plug on third-access to Facebook Groups to Instagram testing publishing directly to the grid and TikTok’s addition of product links to videos, there’s a lot to catch up on. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered with all the deets you don’t want to miss!

What’s new with Meta?

Meta’s announcement to cut off third-party access to Facebook Groups

Meta’s recent decision to pull the plug on its Facebook Groups API has sparked concerns among businesses and social media marketers. The API, which allows scheduling and automation of posts in Facebook Groups, will be deprecated within 90 days, affecting businesses that rely on it for various services.

If these changes affect you, it’s time to assess the impact of the Facebook Groups API shutdown on your business’s social media marketing strategies and explore alternative tools for managing your Facebook Group and engaging with your audience.

Meta shares more on the development of its AI-based ad targeting systems

This week, Meta held a discussion on AI strategy in marketing, and where advertisers are focusing their efforts in 2024. The session included Meta ad execs, to provide specific, actionable insights into the development of Meta’s ad tools, and the trends that it’s seeing on this front. Here’s the scoop:

  • Adoption of Meta’s AI content generation features and click-to-message ads.
  • Growth of AI-driven content recommendations and video content engagement.
  • Success stories from brands using Meta’s AI targeting tools.
  • Recovery of Meta’s ad business post-iOS 14 update, attributed to AI-powered campaigns.

While it might seem risky, trying out Meta’s automated ad creation and delivery processes could be worth it to drive better results for your biz.

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What’s new with Instagram?

Instagram is hiding potential spam story viewers

If you’ve noticed a dip in your Instagram story views recently, there’s no need to worry – it’s likely due to Instagram’s crackdown on potential spam viewers. While you won’t be able to see these users anymore, they can still view all your stories. Here’s what’s new:

  • Potential spam – Instagram now automatically filters follow requests from suspected spam profiles into a “Potential Spam” section for your review.
  • Spam tags- You can now bulk review and remove suspicious tags to combat spam more efficiently.
  • Spam views – Instagram is testing hiding views from spam accounts on your stories, reducing their direct interaction with your content.

Anyone who manages a big IG account knows, there’s a lot of spam activity happening every day, so we’re excited to see these updates making spam management much easier.

Screenshot: Jonah Manzano

👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s new feature nudges users to reach out to people in their network

LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature called “Catch Up” in the My Network section, aimed at encouraging users to keep connected with your network contacts more frequently. This tab highlights updates such as job changes, work anniversaries, or hiring notices from connections, allowing users to engage with them more easily by liking posts or starting DM conversations with pre-generated prompts.

This means biz owners can use the tab to engage with your LinkedIn network by liking posts or starting conversations based on updates from connections.

Screenshot: LinkedIn

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What’s new with TikTok?

Tiktok rolls out adding product links to organic videos

Want to make your Tiktok videos shoppable? Now you can with the introduction of product links for your organic videos. By integrating product links into your videos, you can drive conversions beyond the platform. This not only makes the shopping experience super fun and easy for viewers, but also opens doors for boosting website traffic and enhancing your overall sales performance.

If you’re an eCommerce brand, we just KNOW you’re dying to give it a go. Click here for step-by-step instructions to make your vids shoppable.

TikTok is prompting users to add the search page to their home screen

TikTok is introducing a new feature to encourage users to engage more with search within the app. The update involves prompting users to download a dedicated TikTok Search shortcut that can be added to their device’s home screen, making it easier to discover content without navigating through the app. This move aligns with TikTok’s ambition to become more than just an entertainment platform but also a shopping destination by highlighting relevant product matches. The update aims to boost search-related activity, potentially posing a threat to established search engines like Google.

So what does this mean for biz owners? It means it’s time to explore how your biz can leverage TikTok’s new search shortcut feature to enhance visibility and engagement. Consider integrating product placements or collabs with TikTok creators to capitalise on the platform’s growing influence.

Screenshot: Social Media Today

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Well, LOTS of compliance updates this round. But since you’re following us you’re already all across it huh? As always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates.




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