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Cancel your Instagram stories + other digital updates

Digital Updates

January 22, 2024


Instagram has been dropping updates (and testing) like their lives depend on it. But with new features like the ability to cancel your Instagram stories, custom stickers, new filters and better Android image quality, we’re not complaining. Check out all the updates from the last week.

What’s new with Meta?

Meta introduces Creator Management Tools

A very familiar “new” tool has been introduced this week, Creator Management Tools is supposedly a way for Agencies to Manage Creators at scale. But we’re sure we’ve had a tool like this before and it flopped.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Easy creator management
  • Optimized payout process
  • Increased security
  • Permission management
  • Access management
  • Revenue linking
  • Import existing connections
  • Terminate ongoing relationships
  • Earnings insights

We’ve definitely seen a few variations of this come and go before. I mean, don’t get us wrong, if it takes off it could be a game changer. But we’re sceptical.

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What’s new with Instagram?

Instagram rolls out Custom Stickers

A little while ago we reported that Instagram was working on the ability to turn graphics from posts into stickers. But it looks like more users are reported having access to this feature now.

TBH we’re not sure we’ll use it…because I mean that’s what Canva background remover tool is for. But brands might use it to create content for memes.

Instagram adds new photo filters

Another update that Instagram reported working on a little while ago. But it appears that more people have access to new Instagram filters now. But we’re curious, is this a case of too little too late? In this day of authentic over filtered, is anyone going to be using these new filters? Some of the new filters include ‘graphite’, ‘hyper’’ ‘emerald’, and ‘rosey’.

Instagram finally supports Android devices with Super HDR image support

Adam Mosseri dropped an update in his Instagram Channel that we KNOW Android users are cheering about. According to Mosseri, Instagram is bringing Super HDR image support to Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S24. This feature will enhance the quality of photos captures from the Instagram app, with more detailed highlights, shadows and colour intensity. That’s a win for the Android users for sure.

Screenshot: Adam Mosseri Instagram Channel

FINALLY, we can cancel failed / stuffed up Instagram Story uploads

In an update we ACTUALLY wanted, Instagram now finally gives us the ability to cancel uploaded Instagram Stories, before they’re posted. Gone are the days of having to anxiously wait for the story to finish loading, and then quickly delete hoping nobody has seen it. Now you can cancel, edit and reupload with ease. Thanks Insta XOXO.

Notable Instagram tests this week:

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn pivots from its Creator focus

In a recent announcement from Daniel Roth, Chief VP at LinkedIn, he has admitted that LinkedIn will be taking a step back from their Creator focus, after re-evaluating how users see themselves, and how they represent themselves on the platform.

Some of these changes include his discontinuation of his creator-friendly features like clickable links (boo). Further deets here. There are ways to get around this annoying setback, like putting links in the comments of your posts or on your profile. But it’s something that we know our community won’t be happy about.

LinkedIn introduces Sponsored Posts

LinkedIn Sponsored posts have been introduced as a way for businesses to boost their existing page content to be seen by more of their ideal audience. This feature looks very similar to what we can already do with LinkedIn Lead Gen ads, but quicker and easier to set up. This could be a great option if you want to get more reach and results from your LinkedIn Company Page but don’t have the time or resources to set up campaigns from scratch.

For now, only company-authored articles are eligible for sponsorship, apparently their product team are working on this as a focus for the year!

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What’s new with Google?

Google has introduced new ways to search in 2024

In this latest update from Google, it looks like AI powered search has taken over and Google hasn’t been shy with their search updates. Android users are going to LOVE these updates. So let’s dive straight in.

  1. Circle (or highlight or scribble) to Search

All users have to do is use a simple gesture (like circling, highlighting, scribbling or tapping) to select images, text or video and find the info you need about that product, wherever you are!

And in case you’re on the run, you’ll continue to see these suggestions served to you as ads later!

2. Point your camera, ask a question, get help from AI

When you point your camera (or upload a photo or screenshot) and ask a question using the Google App, the new multisearch experience will go beyond just the usual search capabilities, asking more questions and digging deeper to find you the right answers.

According to Google “AI-powered overviews on multisearch results are launching this week in English in the U.S. for everyone — no enrollment in Search Labs required. To get started, just look for the Lens camera icon in the Google app for Android or iOS. If you’re outside the U.S. and opted into Search Generative Experience (SGE), you can preview this new experience in the Google app. You’ll also be able to access AI-powered overviews on multisearch results within Circle to Search.”

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What’s new with TikTok?

TikTok posts Valentine’s Day marketing guide

TikTok is always looking out for us biz owners, this latest instalment of their regular marketing guides is a valentine’s day version. With data designed to help businesses make the most of seasonal sales periods, we love their consistent communication and helpful tips. Grab yours here.

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Well, LOTS of compliance updates this round. But since you’re following us you’re already all across it huh? As always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates.




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