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Hayley Peters

The Instagram vs Tiktok Showdown Continues Plus 9 Other Updates

Digital Updates

April 3, 2023


Welcome to this week’s roundup of the latest digital updates! Are you ready for the ultimate showdown between Instagram and TikTok? We’ll be taking a closer look at IG’s latest feature to stay ahead of the competition. But wait, there’s more! We’ve got the inside scoop on Meta’s new selective sharing feature on Instagram, Pinterest’s revamped shopping experience, and LinkedIn’s latest updates to help brands connect with their audience. And let’s not forget about OpenAI’s ChatGPT, now with the power to browse the internet. To top it all off, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the newest and most diverse emojis coming with the iOS 16.4 update. Let’s dive in and explore these exciting updates!

Meta’s New Feature Allows Selective Sharing for More Engaging Conversations

Do you sometimes wish you could be more selective about who sees your IG content?

Meta has just announced a new feature on IG that lets you share posts with a specific group of people. This means you can now have more control over who sees your posts, giving you more freedom to kick off conversations.

The Showdown Continues as Instagram Takes on TikTok with New Feature

The showdown continues as Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to view full-length Reels in the Stories section. The feature would enable users to share their Reels within Stories, increasing the visibility of the content.

The move could be seen as IG’s attempt to compete with TikTok, which already allows users to share videos within the Stories section.

TikTok Overtakes Instagram as the Most Downloaded App and Dominates Consumer Spend in Q1 2023

TikTok has surpassed Instagram as the most downloaded app and has taken the top spot on the consumer spend chart for Q1 2023.

With its popularity showing no signs of slowing down, it will be interesting to see how TikTok continues to evolve in the coming months and years, and whether it can maintain its position at the top of the charts.


LinkedIn’s Latest Updates to Enhance Audience Connectivity

LinkedIn has announced 5 new updates to help brands connect with their audience:

Meta’s New Click-to-Messenger and Reels Ad Features for Enhanced Advertising

Meta has launched a new Click-to-Messenger ads feature, allowing businesses to direct users straight to a convo within the Messenger app from an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

Meta is also rolling out Reels ads that can pop up in the middle of videos and gives advertisers the ability to promote Reels content.

Source: SocialMediaToday

OpenAI Introduces Web-Browsing Capabilities to its Premium ChatGPT Plus Plan

OpenAI just gave ChatGPT the ability to browse the internet!

The plugins, available to subscribers of its premium ChatGPT Plus plan, include a web-browsing plugin that allows ChatGPT to draw data from around the web to answer questions. OpenAI claims to have implemented several safeguards to prevent undesirable behaviours.

Zoom’s Latest Integrations Empowering Remote Work

Zoom is revolutionising the way we work with its latest integrations! Its new AI-generated assistant, Zoom IQ, can catch you up on missed meetings, generate responses using AI, and create whiteboards based on text prompts.

Zoom has also introduced Huddles – a video-enabled virtual coworking space where you can chat with colleagues in video calls.

The Latest Update Enhancing Transparency in Online Advertising

Google has just made a major move towards increasing transparency in online advertising with the launch of its new Ads Transparency Center!

This new tool will provide users with more info about the ads they see on Google’s various platforms, including Google Search, YouTube, and Google Ads.

Pinterest is Enhancing the Shopping Experience

Pinterest has announced new display options, including a separate Shop tab, prime ads placement and distinct product carousels.

With curated product categories and a range of shoppable products, Pinterest’s updated display options are set to help brands reach more customers.

Sneak Peek at the Exciting New Emojis Coming

Are you ready to see some exciting new emojis coming your way with the iOS 16.4 update? The latest collection is here, and it’s packed with exciting additions that reflect a growing trend of inclusivity and diversity.

Don’t miss out on these fun and expressive new emojis – check out the sneak peek!

Source: Emojipedia

We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the latest updates and discover which ones have caught your attention! Keep an eye out because next week, we’ll be exploring even more exciting digital updates that you won’t want to miss.



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