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Supersized stories are back + 9 Other Updates!

Digital Updates

June 12, 2023


There’s so many things happening digital world! This week, Instagram tests a new AI chatbot for direct messages, while also bringing back supersized Stories for a more immersive experience. YouTube gets a boost with AI-powered solutions for enhanced advertising. LinkedIn expands direct messaging to Company Pages, fostering professional connections. Stay tuned for more exciting news, including WhatsApp’s Instagram-like ‘Channels’ feature and Meta’s new “Roll Call” feature for authentic connections. Let’s get into it!

Instagram Explores Generative AI with New AI Chatbot

Instagram is joining the generative AI hype by testing a brand new AI chatbot in DMs.

While it may not blow your mind just yet, it’s an exciting step towards integrating generative AI into Instagram and sets the stage for potential future developments in the AI world.

Supersized Stories Are Back

Instagram has supersized Stories again! Instead of all those tiny circles, IG now gives you three jumbo-sized stories at the top of your feed.

This means businesses need to step up their game and spend more time in DMs to make sure they’re front and center in the queue.

AI Has Officially Hit Youtube

AI has now made its way to YouTube, bringing new and exciting advancements.

With Google’s AI-powered solutions, marketers can enhance their YouTube advertising by generating a wide range of video ad formats, optimising campaigns across devices, and gaining insights into suitability settings.

Google Announces New Era Of AI-Powered Ads

Get ready for a new era of AI-powered ads! Google has announced that it will integrate Search and Shopping ads into its Search Generative Experience.

With features like automatically created assets and Performance Max campaigns, Google’s AI can whip up headlines, descriptions, and even eye catching images.

WhatsApp is Testing an Instagram-like Feature

WhatsApp is testing a ‘Channels’ feature, bringing Instagram-like functionality to the app.

With the rise of private messaging, Meta aims to provide more options for community engagement and brand building. Although an official release date is still under wraps, we expect the wait won’t be too long.

Meta New Feature for Authenticity and Genuine Connections

Meta has rolled out a new “Roll Call” feature in its Messenger app, aiming to bring authenticity and realness to social media.

Just like Snapchat’s “Be Real” feature, users can share photos or videos of what they’re been up to in the past 24 hours, fostering more genuine connections and a sense of community.

Meta Doubles-Down On New Shops Ads

Meta is doubling down on its Shops ads and Meta Advantage to boost ad performance and sales for businesses

They’re expanding Shop ads to more businesses, allowing users to purchase directly from ads without leaving the platform, and integrating Shops ads under the Meta Advantage portfolio.

LinkedIn Expands Direct Messaging with Company Page DMs

LinkedIn is taking a bigger step into the world of direct messaging, allowing users to slide into the DMs of Company Pages.

The rollout has already begun, with the aim of fostering more professional connections and interactions.

LinkedIn is Experimenting with a New AI Assistant

LinkedIn is exploring the integration of an AI assistant into its messaging system, aiming to enhance user interactions by providing quick answers and assistance within DMs.

The AI assistant could offer features like research support, spelling checks, and conversational advice.

The B2B Marketing Benchmark Report is Here

The B2B Marketing Benchmark report is out! It explores the global state of the B2B marketing discipline and offers valuable insights, trends, and recommendations to enhance your B2B marketing strategies.

Don’t miss out on this must-read resource! Check it out here!

That’s a wrap for this week! We can’t wait to hear your takes on these updates. Share your thoughts and let us know which ones have you feeling excited or feeling a bit meh. Stay tuned for more epic digital updates coming your way next week.



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