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Instagram Broadcast Channels Roll out Globally + More Digital Updates

Digital Updates

June 19, 2023


Hey Cheersquad! Get ready to shine with the latest updates in the marketing universe. Meta takes Instagram Channels global. TikTok has had a brand engagement breakthrough, connecting businesses with top creators. LinkedIn removes popular posting type. Instagram brings back the MySpace vibes with musical Notes, and MusicGen turns your prompts into amazing tunes. Grab your shades, sip on that matcha latte, and let’s dive right in!

TikTok Announces New Brand Engagement Options For Influencer Marketing

Hold on tight for an exciting TikTok update! Introducing Open Applications, a groundbreaking feature connecting businesses with creators on TikTok Creator Marketplace.

Now, brands can collaborate with talented influencers to bring their campaigns to life. It’s a marketing dream come true! After months of anticipation, Open Applications is now accessible to all businesses. Get ready to dive into TikTok’s vibrant community, spark your campaigns with boundless creativity, and let the magic unfold!

TikTok Launched Script Generator

TikTok unveils the TikTok Script Generator, a free ad script generation tool for advertisers. Instantly receive script ideas with engaging hooks, captivating content, and effective calls-to-action.

Simply input your brand or product details, and let the tool work its magic in seconds.

New TikTok Agency Hub

TikTok launches Agency Hub, an education hub providing case studies, tools, and guides for agencies and SMBs.

It offers insights into ad targeting, policy documents, shopping ads, brand safety, and more, along with access to TikTok’s brand tools and resources.

LinkedIn Adds New Notification Filters to Help Prioritise Engagement

LinkedIn is leveling up with an update that lets you sort notifications by post interactions and mentions.

No more cluttered streams! With ‘My Posts’ and ‘Mentions’ filters, effortlessly prioritise meaningful interactions. Brace yourself for more enhancements, like notifications from top creators. Streamline your LinkedIn journey and maximise engagement!

LinkedIn Removes Native Carousels, Profile Videos and In-Image Links

LinkedIn quietly announced that they will be discontinuing carousel posts, profile videos, and in-image linking option.

While their removal may not have a significant impact, some users may need to adjust their LinkedIn strategies before June 26th.

Meta Expands Instagram API to Incorporate Creator Accounts

If you use a Creator account on Instagram, you’ll soon be able to tag users in Reels, and update original audio names when scheduling Reels through third-party scheduling tools. These features were previously limited to Business accounts.

Instagram Gets Musical with Notes

Hold on to your headphones, Instagrammers! Mark Zuckerberg has taken us back to the MySpace era.

Now, you can add 30-second music snippets to your Instagram notes, combining text, emojis, and beats. Let your groove shine and rock the social media stage with your own personalised musical vibes.

Check out this quick tutorial on how to update your musical status today!

Instagram Broadcast Channels Rolling out Globally

Meta brings the power of global broadcasting to Instagram with the rollout of Channels!

Now available to all users, you can explore suggested channels in the DM section based on your interests and interactions. Discover new connections and join the conversation on Instagram’s vibrant broadcasting platform.

Meta’s MusicGen: Let AI Be Your DJ

Get ready to revolutionize music with Meta’s AI powerhouse, ‘MusicGen.’ Trained on 20,000 hours of music, it creates unique tracks based on text or melody prompts.

It’s your personal AI DJ dropping sick beats. The future implications for musicians and marketers are epic. Let’s embrace the AI music revolution!

iOS 17 Automatically Removes Tracking Parameters from Links you click on

iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma introduce Link Tracking Protection, a feature that automatically removes user-identifiable tracking parameters from link URLs in Mail, Messages, and Safari’s Private Browsing mode.

Apple aims to enhance privacy by preventing advertisers from tracking user activity while still allowing campaign measurement through Private Click Measurement.

That’s just the tip of the digital iceberg, folks! Stay tuned for more epic updates coming your way next week. Remember to spill the tea and let us know which updates have you feeling all hyped up or feeling a little meh. Until then, keep shining like the marketing stars you are!



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