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Pinterest rolls out new collaboration features + other digital updates

Digital Updates

February 19, 2024


This week has been a BIG one for all the social media channels, especially Instagram and Pinterest. Over on Instagram, you can now filter your DMs to prioritise messages from accounts you follow. Plus, get ready to spice up your stories with animated stickers made from video clips, thanks to the new video cutout option! While on Pinterest, the wait is finally over as Pinterest has announced new collaboration features to its Business Manager and a new ad partnership with Google. Keep scrolling to see all of the hottest new updates.

What’s new with Instagram?

Instagram adds ‘People You Follow’ filter for DMs

Instagram has introduced a new DM filter option called “People You Follow,” allowing users to prioritise messages only from profiles they follow. This feature aims to streamline personal connections while enhancing safety and positivity within the platform. Meta emphasises creating more friendly experiences across its apps, with a focus on reducing divisive content and fostering joyful interactions. The addition of this DM filter aligns with Meta’s broader strategy of promoting positive engagement and increasing user retention.

For biz owners that get lots of DMs, the “People You Follow” filter could be handy to help ensure that you don’t miss important messages from followers, potentially improving customer communication and engagement.

Screenshot: Adam Mosseri

Instagram rolls out video cutout option to create animated stickers

Instagram has rolled out a new feature that allows users to create animated stickers from video clips using the Cutout sticker option. This expansion provides users with more creative opportunities to isolate GIF-like snippets from videos and share them in their Stories and Reels. We can’t wait to experiment and see if creating animated stickers can boost engagement.

👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

  • Instagram’s testing carousel posts within the reels stream. Instagram hasn’t spilled the tea on when this will be fully rolled out, but let’s be real – with Instagram and TikTok always keeping up with each other, we won’t be surprised to see this addition hitting our feeds real soon.
  • Meta testing ‘Meta Verified’ comment filtering on Instagram. For those bigger accounts drowning in comments, this could be a game changer to make sure you never miss any important comments again.

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn launches new media planning API

LinkedIn has introduced a new Media Planning API targeted at agency partners, furnishing them with valuable data directly sourced from the platform. This API aims to enhance strategic campaign planning by providing insights such as user demographics, behaviours, job roles, and industries. It allows agencies to forecast the reach and frequency of brand campaigns before spending any budget, thus enabling more accurate scenario planning and driving measurable results.

Biz owners interested in leveraging this tool should consider collaborating with agency partners or getting in touch with their LinkedIn sales representative for more information on how to access these insights.

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What’s new with Pinterest?

Pinterest rolls out new collaboration features to Business Manager

Finally, the wait is over! Pinterest has introduced new collaboration features to its Business Manager, aimed at facilitating smoother workflow management and Pin campaign coordination within organisations. These updates include enhanced collaboration tools, the ability to reuse ad audiences across accounts, new Asset Groups for targeted audience segmentation, and improved network security with 2FA implementation.

This means Pinterest collaboration features now have similar capabilities to Meta and TikTok’s Business Managers, making it easier for brands and agencies to collaborate.

Screenshot: Lindsey Gamble

Pinterest has announced a new ad partnership with Google

Pinterest has announced a strategic ad partnership with Google, aiming to enhance its advertising revenue and offer brands increased reach and engagement opportunities. This collaboration allows brands running Google Ads campaigns to seamlessly extend their presence onto Pinterest, potentially leading to higher conversions and ROI. Despite its quieter presence compared to other major platforms, Pinterest continues to thrive, boasting a large user base and significant revenue growth projections for 2024.

This means biz owners should evaluate the potential benefits of extending Google Ads campaigns to Pinterest to tap into its engaged user base.

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What’s new with TikTok?

TikTok and Adobe Express are partnering up

TikTok and Adobe Express have teamed up to empower creators with tools to develop content efficiently from ideation to creation. Through the TikTok Creative Assistant add-on within Adobe Express, creators gain access to robust editing tools and resources like Adobe Stock media to enhance their TikTok content. This partnership aims to streamline content creation processes, drive engagement, and encourages businesses to invest in TikTok ads. The Creative Assistant leverages generative AI to provide creative guidance, trend insights, and script refinement, facilitating the creation of impactful and trend-aligned content.

So what does this mean for biz owners? It means it’s time to leverage the TikTok Creative Assistant within Adobe Express to streamline your content creation process and access valuable resources to enhance your TikTok ads.

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What’s new with Youtube?

YouTube adds new music remix options for shorts

YouTube has introduced new music remix options for Shorts, coinciding with TikTok’s loss of Universal Music tracks. These options let users interact with music video clips in different ways, like extracting sound or collaborating with friends. YouTube’s move aims to offer unique music experiences and capitalise on its advantage over TikTok.

YouTube’s edge over TikTok when it comes to music gives businesses a fresh playground for sharing their content and engaging with new audiences! If you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to explore Youtube for your biz.

Screenshot: Social Media Today

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Well, LOTS of compliance updates this round. But since you’re following us you’re already all across it huh? As always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates.




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