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Hayley Peters

Music disappears from TikTok + other digital updates

Digital Updates

February 5, 2024


If you noticed music disappearing from TikTok last week, you aren’t alone. TikTok has had all of its UGM music pulled, leaving users awkwardly dancing in silence. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri drops some hot tips on how to get the most out of Instagram plus more digital updates you don’t want to miss.

What’s new with Meta?

Meta introduces “Engaged-view” to improve video insights and performance

Meta have introduced a new attribution setting called Engaged-view, which allows advertisers to measure conversions that occur with 1 day of a video ad play. According to Meta “Engaged-view can be counted in ads measurement reporting when someone plays your video ads for a minimum of 10 seconds (or watches 97% of the video length if it’s less than 10 seconds) and converts within a 1 day window. Engaged-view is available for all placements except Facebook in-stream video ads that cannot be skipped.“. This is music to advertisers ears who want to optimise for conversions, as well as video views! And it gives us a clearer picture of the journey that a customer has taken on the path to conversion, along with the value of that action. Win win, thanks Meta.

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What’s new with Instagram?

Adam Mosseri drops some hot tips for reaching more of your Instagram audience

Adam Mosseri is back with more of his helpful tips and tricks. Although this particular video is directed at Creators, you can absolutely take some of his advice and use it in your own Instagram strategy. Main takeaways below:

  • Decide what your goals are, and focus on those (and ignore anything that doesn’t help)
  • Try carousels (gives your feed posts multiple chances to show up in your followers feed posts)
  • If you’re already creating video content, post more video (people are more interested in these in general)
  • Post more behind-the-scenes through Instagram stories
  • Use channels to reach your most passionate followers
  • Instagram should be an overlap of your goals and what your followers want to see. It’s a balancing act.

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👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn introduces Website Actions, their solution for tracking B2B conversions

LinkedIn have announced that in their efforts to improve their measurement tools (like the Revenue Attribution Report), they’ve introduced Website Actions to help advertisers get better visibility on their B2B conversion tracking. Designed to make the tracking process easier, this new attribution method has been built to help marketers drive results and boost conversions, according to LinkedIn. It should help with stronger retargeting, more accurate measurement and better budget optimisation.

We know we’ll be using it to track actions like digital product launches, webinar promotion and lead nurturing.

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What’s new with Google?

Google introduces AI to Google Maps

In the latest instalment of Google AI improvements, Google has introduced AI to Google Maps with this latest change hitting select Local Guides n the U.S. last week. According to Google, to use the new tool all you’ll need to do is say what you’re looking for their large-language model (LLMs) will analyse Maps detailed information of about 250 million places and insights from their community to come up with suggestions of where to go! UM YES PLEASE.

So what does this mean for biz owners? It means that if you have a Google Business listing, that you should look at reviewing that STAT, think about reviewing:

  • Your business hours
  • Your location
  • Updating your photos (include parking options!)
  • Updating menu / service offerings
  • And respond to any reviews that might need addressing

Can’t wait to see this roll out in Aus!

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What’s new with TikTok?

Universal Music pulls its music from TikTok

If you’ve noticed that your music has disappeared from your videos, you’re not alone. Due to failed usage rights negotiations between TikTok and UMG, UMG pulled the pin on Feb 1.

We’re not getting into the politics of this agreement, because both sides have valid points. And it’s really only the artists that are suffering here. But what it means for businesses is that if you’ve been using music in the background of your videos (even muted on talking videos), you might find that your videos are now awkwardly silent.

So what can you do about it for now? We’d suggest nothing. At this stage it’s better to sit tight and see if they can come to a negotiation and hopefully reinstate the music. But in the meantime, try to use TikTok approved music, or even better, original sounds!

TikTok gives its Creative Centre a glow-up

In a recent email sent out by TikTok, they’ve dropped 6 new updates they think we should know, including:

  • Creative Assistant is now available to all users of TikTok Creative Center (in 9 languages too)
  • Creative Assistant can now provide Trend Insights (including identifying videos and summarise concepts that have been quickly gaining tracking in the past day)
  • Attain a summary of displayed Top Ads when you search keywords on the Top Ads page
  • Attain video-level insights with script analysis and video breakdown for Top Ads with voice overs
  • Script enhancements have been made

We’ve given it a try and we’re pretty impressed with it, but as always it just comes down to how you use it, the more info you give it, the better the answers!

👀 Tests spotted on TikTok this week:

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