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Meta upgrades Automated Catalog Ads + other digital updates

Digital Updates

May 28, 2024


You know it, another week calls for another round of digital updates! This week Meta elevates their ad game with new Automated Catalog ad video features. YouTube introduces a quirky Minecraft effect and TikTok launches a buying certification. Let’s jump in!

What’s new with Meta?

Meta upgrades Automated Catalog Ads with Video

Meta has stepped up with its new video feature for automated catalogue ads, previously limited to still images. This update allows advertisers to include short videos in their product listings across various placements including reels, feed, and stories. Given the high engagement with any video content on Meta platforms, this is a great opportunity for businesses to maximise reach and conversion rates.

Our tip:

  • Ensure videos are optimised for quick engagement and clear calls to action to ensure scroll-stopping content.

👀 Tests Spotted on Meta

  • Facebook spied testing allowing users to create videos from images through a “Merge into video” button.

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What’s new with Instagram?

👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

  • Instagram has been testing a new feature called “Recent Stories Highlights,” which automatically creates a highlight reel of a user’s most recent Stories on their profile. Sometimes the 24-hour lifespan of a story is just not long enough so this would be perfect to ensure important updates, promotions, and behind-the-scenes content remain visible for a longer period of time
  • We were so excited when we heard the rumour that Instagram is testing video capabilities for 90 + second reels. We are all victims to having a short attention span so having the ability to ‘scrub’ between videos is a game changer
  • Instagram has been testing three new features for posts including a “post template”, the number of times a post has been shared to stories with an “Add yours” sticker  and an “Add to story” button

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What’s new with YouTube?

YouTube introduces video quality settings and a Minecraft effect

A Minecraft effect (yes, that’s right), along with a video playback quality option has been implemented on YouTube this week. 

Key updates:

  • Video Quality Settings for Shorts: Users can now choose between data saver, higher picture quality, or auto detection to optimise playback based on their connectivity.
  • Minecraft Effect for Shorts: A new special effect celebrating Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, allowing users to incorporate Minecraft-themed visuals in their Shorts.
  • Super Chat Enhancements: YouTube is testing new features for Super Chat in live streams, including a “Reply” button and the ability to like Super Chats, providing more interactive options for viewers.

These implementations provide businesses with a great opportunity to ensure their content is viewed in the best possible quality with opportunities for users to engage with the content.

What’s new with TikTok?

TikTok Launches Media Buying Certification

We are BIG on learning and being up to date with the latest, so we were so excited to see that TikTok has launched the TikTok Media Buying Certification. This program is designed to help digital marketers demonstrate their expertise in media buying on TikTok. This would be such a great initiative for marketing teams to get involved with to develop skills in campaign performance on TikTok advertising.

TikTok drops new ad features

At TikTok’s 4th annual event they introduced a bunch of new advertising tools, with a whole lot of focus on (you guessed it) AI integration.

Key updates include:

  • TikTok One: A centralised hub for marketers providing access to content creators, production partners, and various creative tools.
  • TikTok Symphony: An AI-powered suite designed to assist in campaign creation, from scriptwriting to video production and asset management.
  • Interactive Add-Ons for TopView: New ad formats that include pop-out elements and countdown stickers, aiming to increase user engagement.
  • Focused View Campaigns: A new campaign type that charges advertisers only when users engage with or watch ads for at least six seconds.
  • Unified Lift: A measurement tool to help advertisers gauge the performance and impact of their campaigns across different touchpoints.
  • Marketing Optimisation for TikTok Shop: AI-driven tools to enhance budgeting and maximise return on investment by analysing factors like affiliate payouts and ad spend.

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What’s new with LinkedIn

LinkedIn updates their DM features

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature for its mobile app that allows users to reply to specific messages within a chat stream. This update, already implemented on the desktop version makes it just that much easier to maintain context in ongoing discussions by simply clicking the ‘reply’ option.

Paid Ads updates continue to be the focus of the major platforms (so if you’re not already investing in paid ads, this might be your sign!). Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates. AND don’t forget, if you do miss out you can always go back to last weeks blog posts here.




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