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June 20, 2022

Meta has released even more Reels updates + the rumoured big change coming to Facebook

Digital Updates

Yep, you read that right. There have been even MORE Reels updates over the past week (we can hardly believe our eyes!). We’ve got some tests and official updates coming our way, so let’s dive into this week’s reels updates and the other amazing digital updates we’ve spotted.

Image credit: Instagram

Keep your eyes peeled for Instagram’s latest feed test

Instagram is doing ANOTHER test o the new full-screen layout. The updated test expands all Instagram posts into a scrollable feed. Each piece of content is extended to full height. It’s just another test, so another chance for things to change again. We’ll give you the full rundown when it’s finalised. It’s also the perfect time for a reminder to not freak out about Instagram tests. It is totally worth knowing about them and considering how to bring them into your plan, but don’t get overwhelmed with the tests. They are always changing.

There might be some big changes coming to Facebook

Rumour has it Meta is looking at making some huge updates. They are supposedly thinking about updating Facebook feeds by incorporating more AI-recommended content into your feed (aka. posts they think you will like, not content from your friends). It sounds pretty familiar to a change they made in the past, but let’s wait and see what comes of this.

Image credit: @LindseyGamble_

Instagram is adding a new way to create reels

It looks like we are getting another way to create reels! Instagram is testing a feature that lets you remix static photos into reels. Some users have had a prompt that says other users will be able to remix their photos. How fun is this?!

Meta has updated their Facebook reels game

Yet another Reels update, but this one will be very useful! Meta has added the function to create Reels in Creator Studio from videos you have already posted. If you’ve got a long video on Facebook that you think would be perfect as a Reel, test it out!

That’s all she wrote this week! There is so much happening out there right now but just remember: you don’t have to do it all at once. Tests come and go and they change all the time so just focus on what you do best and keep an ear out for the changes. Until next time!



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