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Erin Simpson

How We Stay Across Important Dates

Social Media

April 1, 2022


Running out of content ideas?

Staying across all of the latest important dates or holidays is one of the best ways to keep the content ideas flowing. From major holidays like Easter & Christmas to more niche dates and events like Afterpay Day or World Emoji Day, post about the ones that are relevant to your biz to keep your audience engaged.

Set up a Calendar

We have a calendar view set up in our project management system, ClickUp, where we all add in special dates or days of the year as we come across them. ⁠

Having this set up will make your life 1000x easier! You can even set aside about an hour at the start of the year to find out what’s on & schedule them all in so you don’t miss a single one.

Write down all your faves in Google Sheets

You could also simply keep track with a Google Sheet or Word Doc of dates as well. Our members get this as part of their Ultimate Content Planner downloadable. Check out our membership here and we’ll keep you updated 😉

Remember this!

Remember that your brand doesn’t need to post about every date under the sun. Just pick and choose what’s super relevant to your brand, or things that your customers care about!⁠


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