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September 5, 2022

Google Is Going Offline + 3 Other Incredible Updates You Need To Read

Digital Updates

What’s old is now new again. This week Google has redirected its traffic from the web to the walls of Wrangler. As Google goes offline. Introducing a new way to share ads. Digital screens. This week we are counting down what’s new on LinkedIn, Google and YouTube. Let’s go!

Google Billboards For Out-Of-Home Ads

Google’s taking its audience offline and into the real world by launching out-of-home ads. It is now allowing its users to run advertisements on digital billboards and digital screens around the world. The addition of digital screens everywhere has opened up a new way for businesses to reach more people. Now, through Google Ads, companies will be able to reach customers offline.

LinkedIn Discovery and Carousel

From Google to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is trailing a new “Discover” feed based on Tiktok. This will allow users to find recommended followers and newsletters based on people you may be interested in. The helpful addition of the carousel feature is on its way too. This is a great tool for engagement as it pushes users to stop scrolling and engage with your content through a mini photo library. LinkedIn has also added new group admin tools similar to Facebook so you can send customers automated welcome and guideline messages.

The Death Of Cookies

What are cookies? Cookies are the data transferred to advertisers when you browse the internet, a core component of digital marketing. Google has delayed its replacement of cookies until 2024. The loss of cookies will make it more difficult for brands to reach their target audience as Facebook and Google have less signals to optimise your business ads. On the upside, we will gain more privacy and options to control who can see and share our information.

Speed But Instead of Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock It’s Us

YouTube has released data that shares that users save more than 900 years of video time each day. Although users prefer the default 1x speed, the most common alternative is 1.5x, 2x and 1.25x speed in that order. The most common custom speed is 1.1x a fraction faster than normal. Data shows the early bird prefers the slower worm whereas the night owl tends to listen to their surroundings at 1.5x speed.

That’s a STOP to this week’s roundup. Come back next week as we RESET and share the fastest tips to help you and your biz.




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