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Crucial Metric for Instagram Engagement + other digital updates

Digital Updates

July 8, 2024


TikTok just made sharing your creations a breeze, Instagram’s CEO reveals what metric is key to your Instagram engagement and a new Insta feature that’ll scream “collab me, maybe?!” to the world. This week’s digital update roundup is here to dish on all the juicy changes happening across your fave apps. Get ready to level up your social media game – let’s dive in!

What’s new with Meta?

Meta Changes “Made with AI” Label

The previous “Made with AI” label was used to identify posts that have been created with AI, in an attempt to reduce misinformation. Many users revealed that their posts had been tagged with this label even if their posts had no AI involvement. Users realised that using certain editing platforms like Adobe Lightroom resulted in getting tagges as “Made with AI”. In response to this, Facebook has revised their “Made with AI” label to an “AI info” label instead.

Key features:

  • “AI info”: “Made with AI” label altered to “AI info”, which can be clicked for an overview of how AI could have been used in creating the image.
  • System Detection or Self-Labeled: Meta’s system will label posts that have been detected as using AI tools or users can self-indicate that they have used AI.

Our take: The new label name is definitely a step in the right direction but is not a complete solution for posts being tagged as AI when they’re not!

Meta Changes "Made with AI" Label
Source: Meta Newsroom

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What’s new with Instagram?

Be “Open to Collaborate” on Instagram

Let creators and businesses know you are open to connecting by toggling on your “open to collaborating” feature.

Key features:

  • Open to Collaborating: Add the “Open to collaborating” status to your profile and direct messages.
  • How?: The “Collaboration” setting can be found in your “Professional dashboard” under “Your tools” on the Instagram app.

Recommendations for business owners: This will be a super helpful tool to know which creators and businesses are open to the idea of connecting without even having to ask! This will also let other users know that they are welcome to reach out to you for collaborating opportunities and hopefully increase the number of connections you make.

Be "Open to Collaborate" on Instagram
Source: Instagram

“Shareable content is key” insights from Instagram CEO

In a recent advice clip posted to IG chief Adam Mosseri’s Instagram, he reiterates the importance of creating content that is “shareworthy” in order to boost the engagement of your posts!

Key insights:

  • DMs are the way: Behind the scenes, the Instagram algorithm is giving priority to content that gets people sharing it with each other through direct messages. Making “Sends-per-reach” an important metric for boosting your engagement.
  • Tests: More users are reporting seeing the number of shares displayed as share counts on posts, suggesting Instagram’s testing phase is expanding.

Recommendations for Business Owners: Creating shareable content is a great way to grow your audience organically so aim to create content that makes people smile, laugh, or feel inspired. This will encourage people to share your posts with their friends, which will improve your engagement!

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What’s new with TikTok?

Repurposing just got Easier!

TikTok has introduced an exciting new change to the video-saving process. When you try to save an uploaded TikTok, you’ll now be given two options: save the video with a watermark or “post to save without watermark.

Key features:

  • Share to other platforms: While TikTok doesn’t currently offer a direct way to repost your videos to other platforms, you can now save them without a watermark to repurpose your content to other apps. This feature requires uploading the video to TikTok first and therefore benefits TikTok by increasing their content library, while still giving users the flexibility to share their videos elsewhere.
  • Avoid getting restricted: If you upload a clip with a TikTok watermark on Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube it will get restricted. Therefore, having the ability to remove the watermark from your uploaded TikToks will avoid this repurposing issue.

Recommendations for Business Users: If editing in-app in TikTok is your go-to for content, use this feature to easily repurpose your content to Instagram reels, Facebook and even YouTube Shorts! If you don’t want to post the TikTok publically, consider posting privately to be able to save the video without watermarks once it’s live. This update will make sharing TikToks so much easier!

Repurposing just got Easier!
Source: @jonahmanzano

👀 Tests spotted on TikTok this week:

  • TikTok gets ready to launch new AI assistant called Genie! This update follow Meta’s version of an AI chatbox, following the same blueprint which is expected to allow users to interact with the app with in-stream question answering and be more focused on functional discover within the app as opposed to text summaries.
  • TikTok tests “People also searched for” section on TikTok search page. This will continue reinforcing TikTok’s strength of in-app discovery.

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What’s new with Google?

Google Search Update: Tackling Spam and Low-Quality Results

Google’s cleaning up the search results! They’re on a mission to fight spam and low-quality content, making search results more helpful and trustworthy.

Key features:

  • Improved quality ranking: Google is tweaking their algorithm for their core ranking system in an aim to show you the most helpful content and original search results to avoid repetitive content in the search results.
  • Better spam policies: Google are levelling up their spam filters to crack down on the lowest-quality content out of Search, like expired websites repurposed as spam repositories by new owners and obituary spam.

Overall, this update seems like a win for everyone who uses Google Search, however, we will wait and see if this change makes a noticeable difference in our searches.

Google Search Update: Tackling Spam and Low-Quality Results
Source: Google Blog

With Instagram’s CEO revealing its latest algorithm changes, let’s be honest, keeping up with socials’ feels like a full-time job! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates. AND don’t forget, if you do miss out you can always go back to last weeks blog posts here.




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