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TikTok’s New Paywall Feature and 5 Other Hot Updates

Digital Updates

March 13, 2023


Welcome to this weeks round of hot, new digital updates. First off, move over Twitter, because Meta has just announced their plans for a decentralised social network for text updates. But that’s not all – we’re also taking a deep dive into the newest features of Meta Reels, as well as the expansion of Google’s Local Services Ads. And last but certainly not least, TikTok is taking it up a notch with not one but TWO new updates, including an exclusive content paywall feature. There’s so much to unpack this week, so let’s dive straight into it!

Watch out Twitter! Get Ready for Meta’s Next Big Thing

Meta has confirmed they are working on a new social media platform that’s going to be a worthy competitor to Twitter!

It’s going to be all about sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world in real time, with a focus on public conversation. It will also have some super cool features like live audio and video streaming, as well as tools for creating and sharing all kinds of multimedia content.

Get Ready to Level Up your Meta Reels

Meta has just released some fantastic new features to their short-form videos. These include:

  • Creating longer videos of up to 60 seconds
  • Access to new editing tools
  • The ability to save drafts
  • ‘Grooves’, which allows you to automatically sync your video with the beat of the music

Google’s Local Services Ads Just Got Even Better

Google is expanding its Local Services Ads to feature five new categories, including Education, People Care, Pet Care, Wellness and Health Care.

The expansion will give more local service providers access to the benefits of Local Services Ads, such as increased visibility and lead generation.

Instagram Levels Up – Introducing ‘Shared Story’ and ‘Share Post’ Features, and Extending ‘Add Yours’ to Posts

Instagram is on a roll this week with a bunch of new features and updates releasing soon, including:

  • A ‘Shared Story‘ feature (Collabs)
  • A ‘Share Post‘ feature to encourage public sharing rather than private sharing or sharing on rival platforms
  • Extending the “Add yours” feature to posts
Source: MattNavarra

Unlock the Secrets to TikTok Success with the New ‘Keyword Insights’ Feature

TikTok has rolled out a ‘Keyword Insights’ feature in its Creative Center, allowing you to see which keywords drive engagement and views for your content.

The feature is designed to help optimise your content for discoverability and reach a wider audience. We think this feature will be great to fine-tune your content strategy and create TikTok videos that your audience will love!

Source: SocialMediaToday

Monetise Your Passion with TikTok’s New ‘Paywall’ Feature

TikTok is introducing a new way for creators to monetise their content. Soon, creators can share exclusive, long-form videos behind a paywall, and set their own rates for viewers to access their content!

Some lucky creators already have access, with applications opening up for others soon. If you’re a biz owner with expertise to share, this could be the perfect opportunity to get paid for your passion and skills.

We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the latest updates and discover which ones have caught your attention! Keep an eye out because next week, we’ll be exploring even more exciting digital updates that you won’t want to miss.



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