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Hayley Peters
TikTok Drafts

TikTok FINALLY let’s you save drafts + more digital updates

Digital Updates

August 21, 2023


No more losing months’ worth of TikTok drafts or for the SMMs out there, having to screen-record drafts. TikTok is finally letting you save your drafts directly to your phone without the watermark. Plus Mosseri jumped on Instagram to answer some FAQs and gave us rare insights into how the platform works and some of their priorities at the moment, sliving.

TikTok is FINALLY letting users save their drafts

TikTok drafts can finally be downloaded (we hear all the SMMs cheering RN), which gives anyone creating on the platform more flexibility to download their own content without the watermark, share with others and publish across platforms without third-party platforms. We had a whole heap of bloopers that finally get to see the light of day (thank us later).

Google Chrome is stepping up its AI game

Google has announced a new feature that it’s starting to roll out, called “SGE while browsing” which allows users to summarise entire articles (UM YES PLEASE). Apparently, it’s available on the Google App currently and will soon be rolled out on Desktop. And will be smart enough to detect key points of the article and give the reader the option to skip straight to the point they want to know more about! It includes functions like AI-generated responses for various topics or questions and the ability to hover over certain words to see a preview definition and related diagrams or images on the topic.

Instagram spotted testing displaying share and comment counts

Instagram has been spotted testing switching from showing off likes and comments, to displaying share and comment counts instead. Instagram recently came out and told us that they’re prioritising shares because that’s the way that the landscape is moving, people are more actively sharing through DMs and stories over tagging their friends and posting to feeds now. So this test is no surprise. We hope it rolls out!

Screenshot and test spotted by Nick Alessi

Instagram is testing some new ad display options

It looks like Instagram is experimenting with bringing more views to paid Reels, with this multi-advertiser display “You might like” section spotted being tested recently. From the test, it looks like Instagram is grouping similar Reels together to encourage viewers to keep consuming similar (paid) content. It looks a little clunky, but it could be a good way to get more eyeballs on ads that might have smaller budgets compared to their competitors. But it also highlights the importance of having really effective creative. Need a hand with your Instagram or Facebook ads? We have done for you and DIY services to help you scale your biz using paid ads. Feel free to download our service guide here to see how we can help.

Screenshot and test spotted by Barry Hott

Adam Mosseri gives rare insights and answers FAQs on Instagram stories

Mosseri has been answering his weekly FAQs again and we are LIVING for his transparency. A summary of the points below:

  • Web is coming soon for Threads (they’re working on it right now!)
  • Meta isn’t interested in bringing in hashtags to Threads anytime soon due to a bunch of different reasons (including spam filter difficulty)
  • The importance of focusing on “public conversations” on Threads to see success
  • Audio has come to Instagram carousels – read more about that here
  • He explained that they’re trying to find the right balance for Instagram, given the statistics have painted an interesting story, by giving us a little insight into how people are using Instagram, including:
    • People post more photos than videos
    • People are consistently more interested in watching videos than looking at photos
  • He even went as far as to admit that they’ve pushed too hard at times, and gotten it right other times. But it’s a work in progress! Their goal is to make the platform more interactive.

So there you have it, another week of killer digital updates. And as always, feel free to reach out if you’d like a little hand taking marketing off of your to-do list and growing your business.




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