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Hayley Peters

Spice up your Instagram comments with GIFs

Digital Updates

May 22, 2023


Get ready for an exciting week in the world of social media! Instagram has been on fire, introducing a range of genuinely helpful features that will take your user experience to the next level. From sharing GIFs as responses to Instagram comments, to inviting guests for collaborative conversations on Broadcast Channels. TikTok is making waves by launching two new exciting in-app Hubs. Meta introduces “Meta Lattice,” an AI ad targeting model, and LinkedIn is boosting user presence with new prompts. Let’s get into it!

A Week of Game-Changing Instagram Updates

Instagram is on a roll this week with a series of genuinely helpful updates:

Discover New Beats with TikTok’s #NewMusic Search Hub

TikTok has launched an in-app #NewMusic Search Hub, highlighting the hottest tracks from your fave artists.

The hub gives users the chance to discover new music and boost exposure for both emerging and established artists. TikTok is making moves and owning its spot as a key promotional platform in the music industry.

Source: Social Media Today

TikTok’s Rise as a Local Search Powerhouse

TikTok is in the process of building its business discovery. They’re boosting user reach by encouraging everyone to add location tags and spill the tea on their experiences with brick-and-mortar stores.

Taking a cue from its Chinese sibling, Douyin, TikTok is becoming THE spot to search for places to eat and explore!

TikTok’s Commitment to Mental Health

TikTok is launching an in-app #MentalHealthAwareness hub, offering support resources, connections to amazing organisations and ad credits to boost mental health messaging.

TikTok knows its influence, especially with young people, and it’s great to see them putting user wellbeing front and centre.

Have You Heard of Meta’s New System to Boost Ads?

Get ready for “Meta Lattice” – an AI ad targeting model that delivers more relevant ads without needing as much personal data.

It’s already boosted ad exposure quality by 8% and is set to become an even bigger game-changer as AI-based systems keep evolving. We think more relevant ads while keeping user privacy intact is a total win-win!

Meta’s Next Moves to Enhance User Experience

Meta is also working on a few more updates:

  • Educational resources and insights to its Professional Dashboard for creators.
  • Lead gen tools, including automatic discount codes, question flows based on how people respond, overlaying Instant Forms on business web pages, and lead gen forms linked to CTA buttons.

LinkedIn Boosts User Presence with New Prompts

As part of its expanded analytics and tools rollout, LinkedIn has launched new prompts to selected users to boost their in-app presence.

Now the challenge lies in striking a balance between AI-generated suggestions and safeguarding authenticity and genuine industry knowledge that makes the platform thrive.

Source: Social Media Today

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on these game-changing updates! We’re super excited to hear which ones you’re totally vibing and not vibing with. Stay tuned for more epic digital updates coming your way next week.



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