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Hayley Peters

Pinterest Streamlines Pin Creation + 11 Other Updates

Digital Updates

May 15, 2023


Get ready for another week of exciting digital updates! This week is jam-packed with exciting updates and tests. From Google’s new blue checkmarks that confirm sender identity and protects against phishing scams, to TikTok’s photo mode and Instagram’s ability to add polls in the comments section. Say goodbye to hibernated or restricted accounts and hello to a better networking experience on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is stepping up this week and they have got your back with their new writing prompt feature exclusive to Creator Mode users. If that’s not enough, Pinterest has streamlined Pin creation and added enhanced metrics for businesses to measure their pin performance. Let’s get into it!

Google’s Blue Checkmarks Brings Peace of Mind to Gmail Users

Google is adding blue checkmarks to Gmail to confirm sender identity and help users spot fake emails. These will be automatically added to verified biz accounts with BIMI.

As email scams and phishing attempts continue to flood our inboxes, this new feature is a much-needed and welcomed addition.

Source: SMK

Instagram is Testing some Exciting New Features

Lots of new IG tests this week including:

TikTok is Enhancing User Experience with New Updates and Tests

TikTok is on a roll with two new exciting tests and updates:

LinkedIn Cleans Up Connection Stats to Create a More Genuine Experience

LinkedIn will no longer include “hibernated or restricted accounts” in its connection and follower stats. If you notice a sudden drop in followers, this could be why!

The change is part of the platform’s push for a safer, more genuine, and transparent experience for its users.

Get Inspired with LinkedIn’s New Writing Prompts

LinkedIn has added a new feature that suggests writing prompts based on a user’s listed skills.

By providing tailored prompts based on their skills, the feature makes it easier to get started and create content that resonates with their audience. The feature is exclusive to Creator Mode users.

Source: @LindseyGamble_

Generating Better Ads with Generative AI

Meta is testing generative AI tools for FB and IG ads that generate multiple variations of ad text, product image backgrounds, and adjusted visuals to fit different formats in just one click.

While these tools can to save time and boost ad performance, it’s important to review and edit the generated content carefully.

Instagram Notes Take Us Back to the Good Old Days of Social Media Status Updates

Meta is rolling out Instagram Notes to Messenger. This feature lets you easily create and share notes with your contacts and can be the perfect conversation starter.

This feature reminds us of old school status updates.

Pinterest Streamlines Pin Creation and Improves Metrics for Businesses

Pinterest has launched a simplified Pin creation flow, combining all creation features into a single stream. This helps businesses lead users back to their site and increase in-app purchases.

They have also added enhanced metrics to measure pin performance.

As always, we’re ready to hear your opinions on the latest updates. We wanna know which updates have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. And hold on tight, because next week we’re diving into even more updates of all the exciting things happening in the digital world.



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