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Pinterest Rolls Out ‘Body Type Ranges’ Filter + other digital updates

Digital Updates

March 18, 2024


This week, the social platforms have truly outdone themselves with updates and lots of exciting tests! They have released so many and there are some serious gems in there. Pinterest has really raised the bar with a game-changing ‘Body Types’ filter for users and the results have been phenomenal. Start scrolling to see them all…

What’s new with Meta?

Meta Considers New Elements for Its Verified Subscription Service

Meta is cooking up some new features to entice users to sign up for its Meta Verified subscription program. A survey sent to selected users, asked about potential additions to the program, including original content protection, faster ad reviews, and the ability to add links in Reels. Despite the initial launch of Meta Verified, which offers verification ticks and other benefits for a monthly fee, there hasn’t been a significant uptake. While additional revenue from subscriptions is notable, the value of the program may decrease as more users subscribe, diminishing the perceived value of verification.

Biz owners should carefully consider whether the features offered in Meta Verified justify the monthly fee, especially considering that many platform features are available for free and organic reach is decreasing. Better incentives may be necessary to attract more users and brands to the program.

Screenshot: cmcalgary

Meta Announces Updates to Advantage+ and Shopping Ads

Meta has announced several updates to its advertising tools, particularly focused on empowering retailers and users of its automated Advantage+ campaigns. These updates include creative optimisations for video ads tailored for Reels and mobile apps, enhancements to catalog ads allowing for branded videos and hero images, integration of Shops ads with branded content ads, along with new options for Reminder ads on Instagram. Additionally, Meta is introducing Promo Codes promotions, ads with product tags, and expanding collaborative ad offerings. These updates aim to provide advertisers with more options for reaching their target audiences and driving sales both online and in-store.

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What’s new with Instagram?

👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

  • Instagram is currently playing around with new feature that allows users to add files to their DMs. While this could be handy for brands aiming to stay connected with their customers on the app, let’s keep it real – we’re not expecting a total game-changer here. After all, most of us are scrolling through IG on our phones, where sending files might not be top priority anyway.
  • Instagram is testing a new ‘Spins’ option to encourage more users to participate in trends. With ‘Spins’, other users could remix your Reels by adding their own audio and text elements.
  • Instagram’s experimenting with broader carousel posts, with some users now able to add up to 15 images to their IG carousel uploads. This could give you more capacity to showcase content in a single stream, or provide more context about your latest project or event.

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Will Now Enable Brands to Sponsor Any Organic Post in the App

LinkedIn is taking its Thought Leader ads to the next level! Now brands can promote content from any user within the app, not just their own employees. This expansion aims to leverage the trustworthiness of thought leadership content and provide brands with a new way to reach their target audience with relevant information, such as customer testimonials. Brands can build Thought Leadership campaigns via LinkedIn Campaign Manager and search for specific users or posts to sponsor.

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What’s new with Google?

Google Releases Massive March Core Algorithm Update

Google has released a major algorithm update in March 2024 aimed at improving the quality of search results by reducing unhelpful content and promoting higher-quality, user-focused content. The update includes algorithmic enhancements to prioritise web pages that offer real value and improve user experience, while also tightening the screws on spam policies to weed out low-quality and manipulative content from search results.

Businesses that previously relied on gaming the system to boost organic search traffic may see a drop in traffic if their content is deemed low quality by Google’s updated standards. Google is also cracking down on repetitional spam and expired domain abuse to ensure that search results are more reliable and trustworthy. So, what’s the key takeaway for biz owners? Focus on creating content that genuinely provides value to users, rather than solely optimising for search engine rankings!

Google Business Profiles now allow integration with social media accounts

Google Business Profiles now offer integration with social media accounts, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate their latest social media posts directly on their profiles. This feature provides businesses with additional digital marketing opportunities and enhances customer engagement. By linking accounts from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, businesses can expand their online presence effortlessly and reach a broader audience.

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What’s new with TikTok?

TikTok Adds Search Insights to Better Inform Content Strategies

TikTok is rolling out a new analytics feature called “Creator Search Insights,” designed to provide creators with valuable information about what users are searching for within the app. This tool aims to empower creators to tailor their content strategies based on audience interests and trending topics. With Creator Search Insights, creators can discover popular search terms related to their content niche, explore trending topics across the platform, and filter results by broad categories like sports or science. Additionally, creators can identify “gap topics,” which are subjects searched for frequently but have limited video content available. While currently available only in selected regions, we can’t wait to see this feature roll out for everyone in the near future!

Screenshot: Newsroom

👀 Tests spotted on TikTok this week:

  • Rumour has it that TikTok could be cooking up something big to take on Instagram, with a new “TikTok Photos” app reportedly in development. While it might seem like a bold move to take on Instagram head-on, but we’re definitely intrigued to see what TikTok has up its sleeve!

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What’s new with Pinterest?

Pinterest Launches New AI tool that Lets Users Filter Search Results by Body Type

Pinterest is revolutionising the way we search for fashion and wedding ideas with its groundbreaking new filter “Body Type Ranges,” allowing users to select their preferred body types, ensuring that search results reflect their unique self-perception and promoting inclusivity. By choosing from four body type ranges, users can customise their searches to better align with their self-perception. Powered by Powered by Pinterest’s innovative body type technology, which analyses over 3.5 billion images, this feature represents a major leap towards a more diverse and representative online environment. The tool has already shown promising results, with users who utilise body type ranges experiencing a 66% higher engagement rate per session.

As part of this initiative, Pinterest will showcase size-inclusive brands on its search landing page. Currently available in the US and undergoing testing in Canada, body type ranges will soon expand to include men’s fashion and reach even more international markets in the future.

Screenshot: Newsroom

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Well, LOTS of compliance updates this round. But since you’re following us you’re already all across it huh? As always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates.




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