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Time saving digital marketing tools

Time-saving tools every business owner needs in 2022


February 2, 2022


It’s been a hot minute since we updated this popular post – 3 years to be exact! So we’re back with an update to share even more time-saving tools for every business owner.
Read on for some seriously time-saving tools to keep in your back (polly) pocket at all times!
Heads Up! 
This blog includes links to other sites or apps operated by third parties. While we personally love using every one of these tools at the time of writing, we are not responsible for their content or functionality. It’s always a good idea to do your own homework and see if they work for your needs!
We may earn a small (like a few cents) of comission as affiliates for some of the tools mentioned, but we only ever recommend tools that we personally use and love <3

Our top tools of the trade

Marketing & Measuring

  1. Google Campaign URL Builder – this is our go to for tracking campaigns across multiple platforms. It allows you to create a customised URL (and shorten it) for each platform that will show up in Google Analytics under Acquisition > Campaigns.  The benefits of tracking your campaigns are that you will know where each of your conversions (leads) came from, therefore you can budget accordingly. You can actually shorten your links here too. If you need a little hand understanding your Google Analytics, we actually have a guide for that!
  2. Bitly – this little beauty condenses long URLs into something short and sweet that won’t scare your potential customers away!
  3. Online Conversion Tool – math not your thang? Don’t worry, it’s really not ours either. This little tool helps us work out engagement rates without a headache.
  4. Facebook Business Manager Creative Hub – the day this was released we actually did a happy dance. This basically allows an advertiser or business owner, to mock up their Facebook advertisements before going live. This is highly useful when you would like to seek feedback or you don’t want to go through the long process of setting up adsets before refining your ads. You can also schedule Instagram content from desktop here now too – yay.
  5. Facebook Support – this is a direct link to find support for Facebook (IKR). Just scroll down to the panel that says “Find answers and or contact support” and hit the “Get Started” button.
  6. Loom – this tool is pretty simple, it allows you record your screen & download it, or send via a link. We use it for tutorial type videos! Plus, it’s FREE.
  7. Google Analytics Solution Gallery – preset dashboards built for Google Analytics. All you have to do is import them to the website of your choosing and your data will display neatly and effectively according to the type of dashboard you’ve selected. P.s. we have one set up, you just have to search for Oh My Digital & you can use it for free! If you need a hand with this, we can actually do Google Analytics training, or alternatively set this up for you for a small fee!
  8. Facebook Page (Apple or Samsung)- a MUST for business owners to manage their Facebook pages, comments and messages schedule content and view insights on mobile.
  9. Mailchimp – email marketing & automation. Not only is this an easy to use, drop and drag style EDM system, it also allows automation and refinement of the marketing funnel. You can set up different objectives for different sign-up forms, which is gold for those who want a very personalised experience for their customers (which everyone should).
  10. Mailchimp Landing Pages – this is a fun feature that lets you design landing pages for FREE. The benefits are that it grows your subscriber list quickly because they aren’t distracted by your website. The downside is that you aren’t generating traffic to your website. However if you’re clever you would customise the thank you message to drive traffic to the website for more information, or use your follow up email as part of your marketing funnel to do so.
  11. Drip – this email system has some extra smarts than the free alternatives. This can link directly to your Shopify or WooCommerce sites and send emails directly after products have been purchased, segment audiences into particular funnels and even sends abandoned cart emails! One benefit that we LOVE is their live chat is SO HELPFUL. This is the one we use ourselves.
  12. Google PageSpeed Insights – Google will do an instant crawl of your website, tell you how it’s performing and what you can do to improve it. We use this tool to give us some super quick and useful data for our clients and our own website performance.
  13. Facebook Audience Insights – you can use this to drill down to specific language, location, interest, education and even marital based demographics of your page followers, which is highly valuable data for your business. You can make informed content planning choices knowing that you’re targeting the right audience.
  14. Facebook Pixel Helper – this is a plugin that allows you to see if your pixel is performing to the best of its ability on your website. If it isn’t, it’ll tell you why!
  15. Page Analytics by Google – since we’re on the web plugin bandwagon right now, might as well continue the ride with Google. This fun little weapon allows you to see your site analytics in real time as you’re on your website. It also tells you if you haven’t installed your code correctly. It gives you amazing stats like (this link led to 24% of people ending up on your shop page etc). Really useful to see if the buttons you’re using on your website are actually converting!
  16. Union Metrics Instagram Checkup – this is an in-depth Instagram analytics tool that tells you who your biggest fan is, what your average post likes and comments are, what your top hashtag is and when the best time of day is for you to post!
  17. Instagram Engagement Calculator – want to know how your account is doing overall? You should have an 4-6% engagement rate. Use this tool to see how you measure up.
  18. Instagram Comment Picker – If you’re running a competition that requires entries via comments on an Instagram post, this tool will save you a HELL of a lot of time! It will automatically scour your post and randomly pick out the winner. You’re welcome.
  19. LinkTree – this is a GREAT tool for linking your Instagram profile visitors to multiple links in one step. For example, you might list your lead magnet freebie, along with ways to contact you, as well as your list of services. It shows up as “Referral” in your Google Anayltics, so you just need to dive a little deeper to see your stats.

Content Creation & Creative Fun

  1. Giphy – Find GIFs, or create your own. This app is a hell of a lot of fun, but beware, it’s a major procrastination tool as well.
  2. Canva – basic graphic design tool. If you haven’t heard of this, it will blow your MIND. With heaps of free templates, images, stickers, elements, and more, there isn’t much we don’t use Canva for! Canva is our absolute go-to for content creation.
  3. Easil – similar to Canva, however, there are a lot more custom graphics available at your disposal and they’re little more professional.
  4. YouTube Creator Studio – need some free music to jazz up a video or podcast? YouTube has provided us with a selection for free!
  5. Instagram Photo Download – no more screengrabs and cropping, you can directly download (but make sure you still request permission to share and give credit to the original owner before sharing their photos!)
  6. Emoji copy – emoji’s for desktop! It makes planning content that much easier! Just find the emoji you want, click on it and copy!
  7. Cool symbols – fun & a little more simple symbols you can use for free on social media & advertisement copy. They really are cool.
  8. Pixlr – FREE photo editor. It’s amazing, almost (I said almost) as good as Photoshop. Without the hefty, needing to sell your first born, price.
  9. Online Video Converter – you know how sometimes you see an amazing video on YouTube, and you want to download it so that you can upload it directly to your social pages. This is the tool for you. It will download videos using the video URL. Just make sure you credit accuratly.
  10. Sprout Social – Always up to date social media sizes – this handy little website gets updated regularly so that you can keep your social specs up to date!
  11. Hashtag generator – type in some keywords for your ideal audience and BAM it will generate 30 hashtags for you! It will even rate them by highest reach. Still need a little help with hashtags? Check out our shop, we have sets of pre-made hashtags, along with an option for us to custom design 3 sets of 30 hashtags for you!
  12. Answer the Public – Our very own mind reader Answer the Public gives you every question people are searching about your topic. We use this one all the time to get superfast insights into what people want to know about certain topics. We just pop in a topic like ‘Valentine’s Day’ and then we can see everything people have been googling on this topic. Cool right?
  13. Coolors – this tool allows you to build a colour palette for your brand and see them side by side. This is extremely handy for those businesses just starting out!
  14. Google Trends – GREAT for content ideas (if relevant to your business). You can sort these by industry and search particular keywords to find out what’s trending at particular times.
  15. Boomerang App – Android & Apple – those cool video loops that make what you see rewind. It’s an app that allows you to do that rather than needing to go through the effort of filming in Instagram and saving, to then post elsewhere. It also allows you to directly post to Facebook.
  16. Repost app – Android & Apple – allows you to copy and paste a post URL directly to share it to your own Instagram, again, make sure you’re giving the relevant original owner credit.
  17. Videoleap app – Apple only – video editing software with a fun side, allowing stickers and text.
  18. Landscape by Sprout Social. This is my fave new tool, it allows you to upload a pic, choose which platform and which placement you want and crop it to fit! For all of you who have suffered from the Insta Story not fitting pics in, you’ll feel our joy with this.
  19. Grammarly- this is a MUST have free tool that analyses your words and suggests replacements if your grammar isn’t quite correct. It works with most browsers (except Hootsuite, rude) and trust me, if it saves an attack from a vicious Grammar Nazi…it’s worth it.
  20. Compress Image Tool – yup, just like it says. If you have an image you need to compress to fit on your website, this is the tool that’ll save you a heap of time!
  21. Instagram Font Generator – you know how more and more accounts have funky fonts (like our @ohmydigital), this is the tool that delivers the goods! Just copy and paste the font in the box, choose the font and paste it into your bio for font that’s a little different to the norm.
  22. AColorStory – lets you curate your Instagram feed with colourful goodness. Amazingly talented artists like Matt Crump have submitted presets that you can pay to download on your phone! Check out the desktop and mobile versions for both Android and Apple.
  23. Colourtone – is another great image improvement app for a flawless feed, available for Apple only. This particular one focuses around Influencer themed colour pallets and it’s oh so dreamy. It does cost, but it’s worth it!
  24. Tile Pic – another just for the Apple folk (soz), but it allows you to upload a photo and have it split into a 9 grid ready for you to upload straight to Instagram!
  25. CutStory – you know how you’re on a great grant in your Instagram stories and its 30-second limit cuts you off. So rude. Well, this app allows you to upload a pre-recorded video and it will automatically cut your video down into the format you’d like. All you have to do is upload them in the right order! It’s another Apple goodie, but I’m sure there are similar out there for all you Android loyalists.
  26. Pantone – ever been somewhere and see a set of colours (maybe a wall collage) and thought, dayum, would love to feature those colours in my new brand – we did. We used the Pantone app to take a picture of the wall & it picked out the colours on the wall for us! Again, sorry just Apple!
  27. Seek Metrics Quote Generator – stuck for ideas for quotes? This is dynamite. They are quite generic, but a good way to generate some ideas when you’re lacking in them!
  28. Eyedropper tool – this chrome extension will assist you pick the colours of web pages so you can identify them and reuse them!
  29. InShot – we’ve just recently discovered this and it’s HELLA fun and easy to edit videos for IGTV and YouTube!
  30. Lightroom mobile – the mobile version is actually FREE & you can purchase amazing presets online to use on your photos or if you’re handy with tools like that, create your own!
  31. SaveTokWe’ve just started using this one, and OMG, we are never going back. There is NOTHING worse than creating a hella hilarious or trendy TikTok only to find out you can’t save it without the watermark to repurpose for Reels (ugh). Just download SaveTok from the App Store and you’re good to go. All you have to do is hit ‘copy link’ on the video you want and then open SaveTok and paste in the link. Super easy! 

  32. Unscreen – And just like that…your video background is gone! We cannot do our video editing without Unscreen anymore (seriously, we’re addicted). You upload your video to Unscreen, and it does all the hard work for you. Gone are the days when you had to painstakingly set up your shot in fear of a less than impressive background (photobombing much?).

  33. PhotopeaWe use this one to have all the power of Photoshop in our browser (seriously!). Make easy edits to your pictures like resizing, cropping, touch-ups, and removing backgrounds. No need to download anything, just follow the link and upload your pics to get started!

  34. UnsplashUnsplash has an endless array of free stock photos just waiting to be used. We use Unsplash all the time for the perfect pic to go alongside our captions. Sometimes the ideal photo isn’t already in our library and boy does this save us some serious searching time.

    To see even more amazing stock photo sites that we absolutely love check out our blog here.

Project / Time Management & Practical Goodness

  1. Asana – project management tool. This is free, super easy to use and allows you to collab with people outside the business. Great for keeping you accountable for your tasks and goals.
  2. TogglTrack – Toggl is our time management BFF. Take the guesswork out of how much time to invoice and keep track of what tasks are eating up the most time! We use this to see where we are spending way too much time and where could use a little more love.

  3. ClickUpThis tool is an organisational dream. We plan out our whole team’s tasks here, and boy is it a life-saver. You can add your entire team (anywhere from 1 person to over 1000) and have everyone’s work in one place. Set tasks for yourself or your team, communicate in the comments by tagging who you need to, set up virtual whiteboards to get your creative juices flowing, and plan everything out on the built-in calendar. SUPER HANDY. 

  4. Monday – another project management tool. It does cost, but it’s super easy to use and you can really customise the experience to exactly what you might need it for. It allows you to identify which stage of different funnels you’re at in your sales process, or even just your timeline in general.
  5. I Love PDF – converts big PDFs into manageable sized ones, easy for email correspondence. This little gem was recommended to us by our friends at A Brand is Not a Logo (thanks Melissa 😘).
  6. Record It! app – Apple only – screen recording software, great for sharing how-to’s!
  7. Time Zone Converter – need I say more?
  8. Whois – domain name information. This will tell you the trading name of the company who has purchased a domain name. This could come in handy if you’re wanting to launch a biz and find out your domain name is taken, you might be able to track down the owner and make a deal!
  9. Planoly – Free Instagram scheduling software. There are so many out there, what we like about Planoly is that it gives great analytics and allows you to save hashtags into categories. It also gives you a grid view as well as a calendar view and allows you to schedule Insta Stories!
  10. Later – Paid social media scheduling software. We love this one because we can schedule our Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest content all in one place! It also allows us to store hashtags and edit Instagram photos to apply filters.
  11. Google Drive – a safe place for all your files. You can store up to 15GB of free storage before you need to upgrade and it’s super easy to share files. It also integrates with Google Sheets and Docs which we LOVE.
  12. Hello Sign – a great app for co-signing documents.
  13. Boomerang for Email – if you’re one of those people who sends emails at 11pm…but you don’t want to annoy people – this will be your best friend. It allows you to delay email send time, and it also bounces back after a few days to remind you that you haven’t gotten a reply so you can follow up! What a handy lil boomerang it is.
  14. LastPass – keeps all your passwords secure in one handy online location so you can log in at the touch of a button, without having to remember them or write them down anymore!
So there you have it! If you got at least one little gem out of this we’ll be happy gals. Please feel free to leave us a review on our Facebook page or even in the comments below if you’ve got any feedback, we’d love to hear it!


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