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Meta has Taken AI to a New Level + More Digital Updates

Digital Updates

October 3, 2023


If you love AI you are going to be thrilled with the digital update releases this week. It’s the running theme of the week with some major new additions across the board. Some are new and exciting, and some could go either way, but we have them all below for you to explore.

TikTok has Released Some Major Editing & Scheduling Updates on Desktop

You might have seen us gushing over this update on our Insta here and we don’t plan to stop any time soon. TikTok released a whole heap of new editing features and the ability to schedule TikToks all through the desktop version here. You can add sounds, use templates, cut up long videos, and schedule once you’re done.

If you’re ready to get time back in your biz, chat with us HERE about us doing your TikTok for you.

Meta has Introduced a Whole Heap of AI Tools

When Meta said they were introducing some new AI tools we expected a couple, but they have gone above and beyond! Mark Zuckerberg recently announced them all on the Meta broadcast channel and we’ve broken them below:

AI-Generated Stickers

First up, we have AI-generated stickers that you can use in chats! From the video shared it looks super simple, you just type in what you want and Meta will come up with options for you to send. Mosseri confirmed that they have started rolling out on Instagram DMs and Stories for select English-language users.

Image Credit: Meta

AI Image Editing and Restyling

This one is coming soon in about a month, but when it does you’ll be able to use an existing image and use the tool to edit. In the example Mark shared (using a photo of him as a kid) you can change the outfit of the person in the photo.

Image Credit: Meta

Meta AI

And last but not least, Meta AI assistant available on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Direct and soon to be available on Quest 3. According to Mark Zuckerberg, it can answer “lots” of questions with real-time info (we’ll wait and see what lots means in practice, there are likely some limitations), generate photorealistic images and more.

Image Credit: Meta

The New AIs

Meta has released a whole heap of interactive AIs played by some well-known faces. From Paris Hilton to Mr Beast, Meta has shared heaps of AIs you’ll be able to interact with on everything from fitness to travel to games. We are so excited to see these in practice and get to chat with Paris Hilton AKA the detective. This update is sliving.

The ChatGPT Update We’ve All Been Waiting for is Here

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, has announced that the platform can now live search and is no longer restricted by dates. AKA you can now get real-time search results, instead of past data from 2021 and earlier. But, it comes with a catch. It is limited to Plus and Enterprise users, and recently organisations like Google have announced that you can prevent AI tools from scrolling your site if you choose to. While there will be people who don’t, if larger, authoritative sources choose to it could impact the results you see.

TikTok’s AI Assistant is Here

TikTok has announced its own new AI tool (there is quite the theme this week!) to help you with your ad creation. It will link you to helpful things like tools, and examples and can produce sample ad scripts. While it is a useful tool it’s no match to having someone guide you through the process and teach you what you need to know. So if you’re looking for help with your TikTok ads, book a free chat with us HERE.

Google is Offering a Way Off of AI Tools Radar

Google is giving you more control over your website. If you want to keep your content off of the AI radar, they are giving you the option, through ‘Google-Extended’, to either give or deny access to your site to AI systems.

Instagram Has Been Spotted Working on a New Sticker

As spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, it looks like Instagram is working on a new sticker where users will be able to ask anonymous questions. This could be a great way to keep the feature in-app instead of having to use external links. It’s all early stages, but one worth watching!

Image Credit: Alessandro Paluzzi

The Next Step in Downloading Instagram Reels

Another update has been doing the rounds on Instagram with users spotting that you can now download Reels that use Insta’s music BUT it will download with a watermark that includes the music name. It’s an interesting update but yet to see how many people have it and how useful it will be.

Image Credit: Ahmed Ghanem

Well, that’s a wrap on this week! We can’t wait to see what comes next with these big updates, as always, we’ll keep you posted!




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