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Hayley Peters
2024 Trend Predictions

Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok weigh in on 2024 trends + digital updates

Digital Updates

December 11, 2023


Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok have all weighed in on their 2024 trend predictions, and we are SO here for this new era of personalisation and realness. Plus we’ve got a HEAP of new digital updates to finish off 2023 with a bang, are you ready?

Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok weigh in on 2024 trends

All of the major platforms have jumped on the 2024 prediction bandwagon, and here’s what they had to say:

Instagram 2024 Trend Predictions

Fashion & Beauty 2024 Trends include:
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Top 5 Fashion Trends in 2024 globally:
    • #1 Modest Dressing
    • #2 Thrifting, Vintage, Heirloom
    • #3 Repeating outfits to be more sustainable
    • #4 Wearing clothes in unexpected ways
    • #5 DIY
  • Individuality
Social Media 2024 Trends include:
  • Meaningful connections
  • When asked how they use their Instagram to get closer to someone, the top ways were: liking someone’s story, sending reels or memes in DMs, and liking a post on their feed.
  • Activism
Lifetyle 2024 Trends include:
  • Self Improvement or Development
  • Lucky
  • Unapologetically Myself
  • Self-Employment
  • “Stay healthy” – which includes exploring career paths and travel

Pinterest 2024 Trend Predictions

TikTok 2024 Trend Predictions

  • Curiosity Peaked
  • Storytelling Unhinged
  • Bridging the Trust Gap

LOVE these trends, and we can’t wait to see how accurate these are!

LinkedIn gives Newsletters another upgrade

LinkedIn have given their newsletters another upgrade with some new features including:

  • Enhanced Analytics
  • Easily duplicate your article draft
  • Enhanced control over newsletter content
  • Enhanced verification options

With their focus on extending the reach of expert opinions on the platform, it seems like these updates are all extremely welcomed and we can’t wait to see the quality content that comes from it!

Looking to elevate your LinkedIn presence? Apply to work with us and we can plan your content topics, shape your expert words and thoughts into captivating captions and schedule those so you never have to worry about a thing.

Tutorial from LinkedIn

Meta drops new game changing AI tools

Meta have dropped MORE game changing new AI tools in the works, including:

  • Create and Riff on Images With Friends
  • Discover New Experiences With Reels in Meta AI
  • Enhancing Your Experience on Facebook through:
    • Create a birthday greeting
    • Draft content
    • Set up a new group!
    • Create and share AI-generated images
    • Edit images (like changing from landscape to portrait!)
    • Keep relevant info in groups on the surface
    • Improving search visibility
  • AI generated drafted message responses for quicker reply time
  • Invisible watermarking
  • Listening to feedback using AI

There is A LOT going on. Want to stay on top of it all? Sign up for our Digital Updates and get all the BEST updates sent directly to your inbox once a month.

Image Credit: Meta

Meta changes its mind and will remove cross-app messaging

It seems like only yesterday that Meta introduced cross-messaging between Facebook and Instagram. I know we found the update mostly just confusing and messy, so we’re personally glad to see it go. But if you’ve been using it to keep on top of your business messages, it might be time to start using Creator Suite.

Instagram introduces “Hype” comments to stories

Instagram have introduced a new “hype” feature to stories. We spotted this notification on Friday, however we’re yet to see it in action. Apparently the comment will go directly to the posters DMs, and you can choose to share it from there? We can’t wait to try it out!

Well, that’s a wrap on this week! We can’t wait to see what comes next with these big updates, as always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our monthly summary here so you never miss the best updates.




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