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Instagram Gal Gang - Wordfetti Copywriter

Instagram Gal Gang – Anita – Wordfetti

Instagram Gal Gang

November 10, 2018


We stumbled across the brilliant Anita from Wordfetti when we were both very early on in our biz stages and we instantly clicked. We love her balance of value-add, funny and relatable posts about copywriting and social media in general on Instagram and she never fails to impress with the way she uses words in an effortless and interesting way.

Hope you pick up some gems from this copywriting god like we did!

Question 1. So tell us, what was the lightbulb moment that made you decide to embark on your biz owner journey?

A combination of being fascinated about words and language, the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris (not even sponsored but if you’re reading this Tim, hey.) and me wanting more of a zing, challenge and pizzazz in my life.


Question 2. What have been your biggest struggles, and your biggest accomplishments with owning your own biz so far?
Having to do it all at the beginning!


The admin, the bookkeeping, the social media *breathe* the project management, the marketing, the copywriting.


Biggest accomplishments would of course be the wonder small team I have now got around me.


Question 3. What is something that you wish you could tell young, blissful early in the biz days you? Something other biz owners could learn the easy way!
Never stop learning. Absorb like a sponge. And know that it’s never failure, always a lesson.


Question 4. What would you say makes your brand stand out from the noise?
Our belief.


Copywriting is not just about writing sentences that sound good together.  Or just about understanding your audience. It’s not just about writing words that sell. Or just about bringing personality in to the words. Or writing SEO optimised copy so google gods love you.  It is all of that as well as holding the understanding that at the end of the day there is going to be others in the industry.


So it’s about asking questions like: how do you craft a strong brand story that will still be compelling in a couple of years time? How do you craft a message that will remain at the forefront of your reader’s minds after they have done all the research?


The journey and approach we take to understand and get under the skin of our client’s stories to craft this message is what makes what we do here unique.


We don’t write to a brief. We listen. We understand. We strategise. We challenge. And we write backwards.


Question 5. Now we specifically LOVE the way that you do clever, catchy captions, are there any tips of the trade that you’re willing to give away that might help others nail theirs too?
I have two big tips!


Find your own unique voice and content for your brand (and not look at those in your industry and regurgitate information and try write like they do) and see IG as a platform to build connections and had value. Not sell.


No one hands like a hard pitch!


Question 6. Holla to some Instagram accounts that you admire and why? We love to look for new inspo!
@gotoskincare and @frank_bod – because their branding is on pa-pa-point.

@boopmynose (cause doggos)


Question 7. What’s something that triggers you about social media?
Not too much. I’m actually a big fan of social media. It’s honestly changed and opened so many doors for business owners and organisations alike.


But if I had to pick I would say Copycats!


Question 8. What’s one copywriting rule that you think was made to be broken?
Not being able to start a sentence with an “And”!


 Question 9. What’s the biggest misconception about what you do and how do you address it?
Ooooo. I think – People simply thinking copywriters are boring.

Na da.

Not over here.

And we flip it around with all that we do, and every touch point with our clients online and offline.


Question 10. What’s the craziest request (good or bad) you’ve ever had from a client?



I would probably say a client of ours from NYC who said “a visit please!” – well. We are totally going to be meeting them at the end of this year because we are heading to the USA!


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Thank you for your words of wisdom as always lovely gal!


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