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Hayley Peters
Instagram algorithm ranking update

Instagram updates algorithms ranking + other digital updates

Digital Updates

May 3, 2024


Instagram has FINALLY given the people what want this week by announcing THREE huge updates to the way the algorithms ranks content on Instagram. Most of the major platforms have been giving their ads a glow-up. Plus a whole heap of other updates we know you’ll love.

What’s new with Meta?

Meta has announced some exciting new AI Ad tools coming soon

We know that Meta has been heavily focused on AI this year, so to see that there will be a focus on introducing AI to ads is no surprise. At the NewFronts 2024 Meta announced some exciting new tools they’ll be rolling out soon. Including:

  • Machine learning-powered creator recommendations for brands in Instagram’s Creator Marketplace
  • Improvements to its “Image Expansion” tool for Advantage+ creative (now available for Reels)
  • Multi-destination product ads for Reels (using your product catalog to match relevant products to each user)
  • Upgrades to “Reminder Ads” (now brands can include external links to a product or sale)

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What’s new with Instagram?

Instagram announces huge changes to its algorithms ranking

Instagram have dropped a major bomb on us this week with changes to the ranking of their algorithms. Yes, algorithms (there are more than one, more on that soon).

These updates ARE HUGE and they’re going to affect both smaller accounts, copycats and those creating original content in a BIG WAY. Now we can finally see whether our reach improves. Everything is crossed.

Quick recap of how the algorithm works

This how Instagram algorithms work (and yes, there are more than just one algorithm):

Each part (Feed, Stories, Explore, Reels & Search) have their own algorithm which are ranked differently.

To quote Instagram directly “Instagram doesn’t have a singular algorithm that oversees what people do and don’t see on the app. We use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose. We want to make the most of people’s time, and we believe that using technology to personalize everyone’s experience is the best way to do that.”

Okay…so what’s changed?

Copycats are going down with these latest updates.

Adam Mosseri explained that this new feature called “Direct Replace” will search Instagram to see if there is an original piece of content and if it’s found, the duplicate piece will no longer be recommended on Instagram and the original piece will be recommended instead!

They’ve admitted that they might not always be able to find it, but we still consider this a HUGE win.

And because just replacing their duplicate piece of content recommendations wasn’t enough. Instagram have also now announced that they’ll go one step further by no longer recommending content from “aggregators” or copycats across Instagram in general.

They’ll still be able to reach their followers, but they won’t be recommended anywhere nearly as much.

Basically, you do the crime, you do the time. No more reach or recommendations for you.

Source: Instagram

Smaller accounts are going to be recommended more!

Adam Mosseri admitted that historically Instagram hasn’t been good enough by small creators.

So now EVERY piece of content that goes out on Instagram will stand a chance at being recommended (I mean, that’s the way it should have been…like on TikTok).

How algorithms ranking used to work:

Post > followers see your content > IF they engage then it gets recommended to non-followers

How algorithms ranking works now:

Post > followers and non-followers see your content

So, how are non-followers seeing my content?

Instagram have explained how the new ranking works below.

Source: Instagram

In summary, smaller creators and those focusing on original content are about to see an improvement in reach (especially with non-followers).

And copycats are about to see a significant reduction in reach (karma).

So what can I do?

  • Focus on creating original content (work with smaller creators, photographers, videographers and UGC creators and refine your content pillars, niche and point of difference to stand out)
  • As per Adam Mosseri’s advise “use collaborations to drive credit to where it’s due (to the original creator)”

The changes aren’t going into affect until June, so if your strategy needs a little TLC, you’ve got time to get back to basics.

Did you see a massive drop in followers recently? It may have been a glitch

Last week the internet was blowing up with reports of Instagram users dropping followers like flies. But according to Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram. It was just a glitch, which should have been rectified by now. So we can all sleep a little easier tonight.

👀 Tests spotted on Instagram this week:

  • Instagram has been spotted testing a feature that could let users go live with their subscribers in their broadcast channels

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What’s new with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn launches games in an update nobody saw coming

In a bid to “bring professionals together” LinkedIn has introduced games to its platform. According to Daniel Roth, the Editor in Chief, VP at LinkedIn “We’ve been watching and learning ourselves. Our goal at LinkedIn is to continue to find ways to bring professionals together to stay informed and connected. That’s why starting today, we’re weaving thinking-oriented games directly into the LinkedIn experience. We want to give people a way to exercise their brains while taking a quick break, but also give people a reason to connect with others. We hope that these games spark banter, conversations, and even a healthy bit of competition among professionals around the world.

They’re rolling out 3 games to start with Crossclimb, Pinpoint, and Queens. Located in the “News” module of your LinkedIn homepage, the MyNetwork tab (or you can click the links above). Apparently you can play each game once a day (yay productivity), see who else in your network has played and engage with leader boards.

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What’s new with Google?

Google announces new Ad updates to Video360 and Display Ads and Performance Max campaigns

Google’s NewFront presentation has announced some great new updates to display and Video 360 ads. And because that wasn’t enough, Google dropped some new updates to their Performance Max campaigns here too. Including hot new partnerships with your fave streaming services, giving advertisers more placement opportunities (and brands more reach and targeting options).

Some of the updates include:

  • Instant Deals (formally only for YouTube placements, but now available to Display and Video 360 ads)
  • Commitment Optimizer (for optimising your ad inventory mix)
  • More improvements to AI (including allowing advertisers to define their audiences through conversational prompts)
  • New types of customer lifecycle goals
  • Filter out irrelevant traffic with IP exclusions
  • Quickly and easily test optimization strategies
  • Detailed demographics are rolling out now in asset audience insights
  • Budget pacing insights are also rolling out to help you find more campaign optimization opportunities.

We love that Google is continuing to be innovative despite the talk of their platform dying down. We haven’t seen signs of them slowing down, and we’re still getting great results for our clients!

Source: Google

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What’s new with TikTok?

TikTok introduces new Premium Ad Solutions

TikTok also hit us with some fun new ad updates at NewFronts 2024, with some fun advancements to the TikTok Pulse Suite including:

  • Giving advertisers more choice and control over the context they appear next to
  • Pulse Custom Lineups (Custom Lineups leverages the power of generative AI to curate an offering of the platform’s hottest trending, brand-suitable content tailored to specific marketing needs for more precise and relevant content adjacency)
  • Pulse Premiere Tentpole Moments (Special Pulse Premiere lineups designed to cover tentpole events and cultural moments)
  • Pulse Premiere IP Lineups (expanding the suite of Premiere lineups to allow advertisers to buy against specific networks and IP from NBCU)
  • New Audience Measurement solutions (to help advertisers better understand TikTok’s unique value in their media buy)

Despite the looming TikTok ban, TikTok is getting music back

TikTok announced on May 2nd that they’ve come to a new agreement with the Universal Music Group “that will deliver significant industry-leading benefits for UMG’s global family of artists, songwriters and labels and will return their music to TikTok’s billion-plus global community.”

More details from the agreement as stated by TikTok

“Fans on TikTok can look forward to the return of UMG’s recorded music and publishing catalogs and once again enjoy creating videos using music from some of the world’s biggest artists and songwriters as well as exciting emerging talent.

As part of the agreement, both organizations will work together to realize new monetization opportunities utilizing TikTok’s growing e-commerce capabilities and will work together on campaigns supporting UMG’s artists across genres and territories globally.

TikTok will continue to invest significant resources into building artist-centric tools that will help UMG artists realize their potential on the growing platform. Tools including “Add to Music App”, enhanced data and analytics, and integrated ticketing capabilities will benefit artists, both financially and in building their global fanbases using TikTok’s scale and engaged community, while strengthening online safety protections for artists and their fans.

In addition, TikTok and UMG will work together to ensure AI development across the music industry will protect human artistry and the economics that flow to those artists and songwriters. TikTok is also committed to working with UMG to remove unauthorized AI-generated music from the platform, as well as tools to improve artist and songwriter attribution.”

So there you have it. Dancing TikTok’s are officially back in session.

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📰 In other news:

Well, LOTS of updates to ads this week (thanks to NewFront 2024). But since you’re following us you’re already all across it huh? As always, we’ll keep you posted! Feel free to sign up for our weekly summary here so you never miss the best updates. AND don’t forget, if you do miss out you can always go back to last weeks blog posts here.




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