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Erin Simpson

Ideas to maximise your Reach


April 25, 2022


Has your Reach been dropping like it’s hot? 🔥⁠

First of all – don’t panic. All of our favourite platforms are being loaded with new users and content every day – which means more noise and less attention to go around 👀⁠

If you’re already doing these things, keep doing your thing and focus on maximising relationships with the followers and audience that you already have!⁠

But if you’re seeing your Reach drop consistently each month and want to switch things up – give some of these ideas a try!⁠

Use the collaboration tool on Instagram

This exciting new feature allows you to co-author feed posts & reels with another Instagram user! This means that your post will be shown to BOTH sets of followers, therefore leading to more Reach.

Ready to try it out? Create your post on Instagram as usual, then once you get to the last step select ‘Tag People’. Then hit the ‘Invite Collaborator’ button and search the username of the user you’re looking to collab with. Once they accept the invitation, the post will show up on their feed too!

We tested this out with a Reel we filmed at our Christmas Party last year (check it out here) and found that our views tripled🤯

Experiment with new features

Instagram is always releasing new features to keep us all entertained. Why not use some of them to your advantage?

You may find that you’ll start reaching new people as the algorithm pushes the new features to encourage more people to use them.

The best way to keep up to date with the latest Instagram features is to follow Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri on Instagram, signup for industry newsletters like Social Media Today or keep an eye out for our Monday Digital Update stories on our Instagram.

Use *relevant* hashtags on your posts

Hashtags are the best way to be found by new people. But are you using the right ones?

Investigate your current hashtag sets and make sure each hashtag isn’t filled with spam posts and is used by a decent amount of other users. You can even check your hashtag analytics if you use a scheduling tool like Later to see which ones are & aren’t working for you!

Check your insights and post when your followers are online

Posting when your followers are the most active is key in reaching more people and building engagement.

You can find out what times your audience is the most active by heading to your insights and selecting ‘Total Followers’. You’ll find your audience’s most active times displayed at the bottom of the page.

HOT TIP: Use a scheduling tool like Later to schedule your posts to automatically go out at your followers’ most active times. It saves you stressing about posting if it’s outside your usual work hours!

Some other important things to keep in mind are to be consistent with what you post, so people have a reason to keep coming back⁠, spend time engaging with your peers and potential customers⁠, repurpose important messages or popular posts into new formats⁠ & try some simple video content.

But most of all, don’t panic if your Reach is down! Take on board some of the tips we’ve suggested and you’ll be killing it again in no time.

Hope this helped!



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