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GPT-3.5 Unleashed Along with 9 Other Hot Updates Set to Change the Game!

Digital Updates

March 20, 2023


Welcome to this week’s roundup of the hottest digital updates! It’s an exciting time in the world of social media and technology, with all platforms hard at work to bring us the latest and greatest features. Instagram is testing a new Top 3 sticker, while TikTok is shaking up the search ad market. Meta is unifying its messaging services, and Google and OpenAI GPT-3.5 are both introducing powerful AI-powered tools. These updates are sure to transform how we use these platforms, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

IG’s Top 3 Sticker is A Blast from the Past

Get ready to bring back the nostalgia of the early days of social media. Instagram is testing a new feature that’s giving off serious MySpace Top 8 vibes!

IG’s Top 3 sticker for Stories is all about showcasing your top three favourite accounts, songs, places, etc. It’s unclear whether this will be tested or if it’s just an internal prototype at this stage.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Share with Ease with Instagram’s Latest Update

Instagram has made it easier for users to connect with friends by updating the screen that appears when sharing a post.

This update is designed to make it easier and more convenient for users to share posts and communicate with their friends on the platform. Check it out by tapping the share icon on any post.

TikTok Takes on Google and Microsoft with New Search Ad Feature

TikTok has rolled out a new search ad feature that allows advertisers to bid on keywords to have their ads displayed in TikTok’s search results. This is seen as a challenge to Google and Microsoft, who have long dominated the search ad market.

This move is set to shake things up in the advertising world, with fresh opportunities for advertisers looking to stay ahead of the game.

Take Control of Your TikTok Feed

TikTok has just announced a new feature that will give users the power to refresh their FYP recommendations.

TikTok’s algorithm is a key factor in its success, as it provides users with personalised content that keeps them engaged. This roll-out is set to further enhance user experience to a whole new level, and increase engagement on the platform.

Meta Bids Farewell to NFTs

Meta has decided to end its NFT projects on both FB and IG.

NFTs have been a hot topic in the world of social media, with many creators and platforms exploring their potential. However, Meta has apparently decided that NFTs are not a strategic priority at this time and will be focusing on other areas of development instead.

Meta Set to Unify Messaging Services Across its Platforms

Meta is planning to re-integrate its messaging services (Messenger & IG Direct) into a single system. You’ll be able to send messages seamlessly across all platforms, making communication faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before.

This has been in the works for years and is part of Meta’s larger plan to create a more unified experience across all of its apps.

LinkedIn Launches Podcast Academy

LinkedIn has launched a Podcast Academy to help creators launch successful podcasts and expand its podcast network, which has seen significant growth in recent years.

The Academy offers free resources and tools to aid podcast creation and is expected to provide more opportunities for both creators and listeners.

Revolutionise Job Hunting with LinkedIn’s Brand New Feature

LinkedIn’s latest AI-generated profile summaries and job listings are set to revolutionise the job-hunting experience.

The new feature generates customised summaries for user profiles, highlighting their skills, experience, and career objectives. It will also suggest job opportunities that match user’s skills and experience.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Google’s AI-Powered Features set to Empower Workforce Productivity

Google is adding new AI-powered features to its productivity suite, Workspace, to make work more efficient and productive.

These features include Smart Slides, Smart Sheets, Smart Docs, Smart Compose in Gmail, which uses machine learning to suggest email responses, and Smart Translate, which can translate text in real time during video meetings.

OpenAI Unleashes GPT-3.5 with Enhanced AI Capabilities

OpenAI has released a new version of its language processing model. GPT-3.5 is part of a wider trend towards the development of more sophisticated AI tools, used for a range of applications, from chatbots to content creation.

This new version includes updates and improvements, including better language understanding and reasoning capabilities, and faster processing.

We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the latest updates and discover which ones have caught your attention! Keep an eye out because next week, we’ll be exploring even more exciting digital updates that you won’t want to miss.



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