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Hayley Peters

Fresh UGC Opportunities + More Exciting Updates!

Digital Updates

May 8, 2023


Are you ready for the latest social media updates? Instagram has been on a roll with exciting updates and tests recently, including public group stories and songs in photo carousels. Meta has stepped up its game with new discovery and personalisation controls for FB Reels, while Instagram has expanded UGC promotion opportunities and rebranded Branded Content Ads as Partnership Ads. And for small businesses in search of inspiration, TikTok’s ‘TakeOff’ webinar series is a must-watch! Let’s get into it!

The Latest IG Updates

IG has been buzzing with new tests and updates, including:

Instagram Expands UGC Promotion Opportunities

IG has updated their affiliate marketing policies and renamed Branded Content Ads to Partnership Ads.

Brands can now promote more types of UGC, including mentions, product tags, and Instagram Collab posts. This move opens up a world of opportunities for creators and businesses to partner up.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Meta’s New Controls for FB Reels

Meta has rolled out new discovery and personalisation controls for FB Reels, giving users more control.

These options include simplified ‘show more’ and ‘show less’ buttons, context labels to show why you’re seeing a specific Reel, as well as Reels being added to the main navigation tab for easy access to short-form video.

TikTok Takes Off with Inspiring Webinars for Small Businesses

Looking for some inspo? TikTok is launching its ‘TakeOff’ series, a set of webinars that will showcase small biz success stories on the platform.

The series promises to be packed with inspiring stories and invaluable tips to help businesses use TikTok to reach their audience and thrive.

We can’t wait to hear your opinions on the latest updates and discover which ones have caught your attention! Keep an eye out because next week, we’ll be exploring even more exciting digital updates that you won’t want to miss.



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