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And how they can boost your audience! Have you been struggling with figuring out the right amount of hashtags to use? (We’ve all been there!) Well, stress no more! because your OMD gals are here to give you the latest hashtag advice and show you how to gain that audience you’ve been searching high and […]

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Time-saving tools that we couldn’t live without

The best investments we’ve made in our biz so far….. time-saving tools.⁠⁠Yup, we’ve learnt A LOT the hard way over the last 3 years. But we’ve got our systems pretttty well in shape now. For two extreme workaholics, it was a necessity to cut down on tasks that waste our time and speed up our […]

Instagram, Social Media

How we got to 10K followers on Instagram

We’re ALWAYS banging on about how followers and likes don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. So why do we really care? Well… one reason, we can now add links to our Instagram stories…which minimises the risk of losing potential sales by asking followers to follow directions to our Instagram bio, for one […]

proactive marketing

Small Business

7 Things you can do to stay proactive while sh*t hits the fan

So it kind of feels like sh*t is hitting the fan right now. That sucks. We are both optimists, and we love to show up with sunshine and rainbows as much as possible. But right now we need to acknowledge this is just a crappy time for a lot of business owners. Sadly for a […]

Misconceptions about influencers

PR, Social Media

5 Misconceptions about Influencers BUSTED

So we recently put up a story asking for everyone’s opinions on influencers. We wanted to get the good, the bad and the ugly, so we could address some common misconceptions about influencers that so many of us have, as well as share some quick tips on how to avoid them! Let’s dig in. Misconception […]

social media content ideas

Social Media

How does your audience really feel about your social media ideas?

We asked our audience what they love (and hate) seeing brands do on social media. We recently asked our incredible Instagram fam to share with us some of the things brands do on social media that they absolutely love (or hate). Why? Sometimes as marketers we can get so caught up in our own ideas […]

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Writing for SEO – and humans.

When it comes to writing for on-page SEO – you’ve probably heard that it has something to do with knowing what content people are searching for – and then creating content in response to this (with the benefit, of course, being more relevant traffic on your website). You might also think about what terms people […]

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