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Yep, you read that right. There have been even MORE Reels updates over the past week (we can hardly believe our eyes!). We’ve got some tests and official updates coming our way, so let’s dive into this week’s reels updates and the other amazing digital updates we’ve spotted. Keep your eyes peeled for Instagram’s latest […]

Meta has released even more Reels updates + the rumoured big change coming to Facebook

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Instagram tests new ‘following’ tab + 3 more epic updates

There’s been a lot of testing happening this week. From Instagram’s following tab to LinkedIn’s algorithm, our go-to social media platforms have been very busy. Let’s take a peek at the big changes and what they mean for you and your biz. Instagram is testing out a ‘following’ tab in Reels Users in India have […]


Social Media

How the TikTok algorithm works

Ready to learn all about the mysterious TikTok algorithm and why it’s quickly dominating all other social media platforms? Here’s exactly how it works and how YOU can benefit from it! The TikTok algorithm It seems everyone has a chance to go viral on TikTok. This is because of the way the app’s algorithm works. […]

Digital Updates

Instagram is testing hiding story parts + 5 more updates you need to see

A LOT is happening in digital marketing lately, this past week has been packed full of interesting (and very important) updates. From Instagram Stories to TikTok’s For You Page, there are some important things you need to see for your biz. Ready to find out the latest? Let’s look at each digital update and what […]

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Why your Instagram audience isn’t growing

Are you putting heaps of time and energy into your Instagram, but still struggling to keep consistently growing your audience? It isn’t as easy to grow followers these days (we wish it was!). So we’ve put together a little list of the top things small businesses struggle with on Instagram- so you know what NOT […]

Digital Updates, Social Media

Instagram Expands Testing of Its 90 Second Reels + 3 More Digital Updates You Need to See

We’ve seen some MAJOR digital marketing updates recently with big buyouts and testing of new tools across the main platforms. No matter how you use social media for your biz, you need to be on top of the changes; that’s why we’ve brought all the need to know info to one place for you! Ready […]

Behind The Scenes

Getting Advice: 5 Lessons Over 5 Years

Our fifth year was surprisingly one of the trickier ones. We came into it wondering, what next? We’d hit our capacity to take on any more clients. We were both burning out. We were scarred from hiring some Freelancers that didn’t work out. So we were left scratching our heads and wondering, what do we […]

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