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Silly Season Gift Guide

Ever seen this little green circle around a story and wondered what the sh*t it was?⁠

Well this, dear friends, is Instagram’s “Close Friends” list. It’s designed so that you can choose a select list of followers to show your stories to exclusively.⁠

Silly Season Gift Guide

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Misconceptions about influencers

So we recently put up a story asking for everyone’s opinions on influencers. We wanted to get the good, the bad and the ugly, so we could address some common misconceptions about influencers that so many of us have, as well as share some quick tips on how to avoid them! Let’s dig in. Misconception […]

5 Misconceptions about Influencers BUSTED

Social Media

social media content ideas

We asked our audience what they love (and hate) seeing brands do on social media. We recently asked our incredible Instagram fam to share with us some of the things brands do on social media that they absolutely love (or hate). Why? Sometimes as marketers we can get so caught up in our own ideas […]

How does your audience really feel about your social media ideas?

Social Media

writing for seo

When it comes to writing for on-page SEO – you’ve probably heard that it has something to do with knowing what content people are searching for – and then creating content in response to this (with the benefit, of course, being more relevant traffic on your website). You might also think about what terms people […]

Writing for SEO – and humans.


Heidi Lou Design

Are you experiencing brand overwhelm? If you’re pinning brand logos, screenshotting ideas on social media and collecting all of the magazine clippings, you could be suffering from a dreadful case of brand overwhelm. Don’t panic, it’s completely curable! Today Heidi Lou Design is going to talk you through how to diagnose this condition, how to treat […]

Are you experiencing brand overwhelm?


Building a brand personality from scratch can feel near impossible. Just like a triple Big Mac with all the trimmings and extra cheesy goodness melting from the sides – ‘where do you start?’  Today Readcity are bringing you 3 brand personality examples to inspire your own.    What is a Brand Personality? Sure, we can […]

3 Brand Personality Examples To Obsess Over


mental health tips for small business owners

So throughout the week we’ve been sharing some tips on how we try our best to look after our mental health while doing this business thing. Now while we’re by no means experts in this field (and you should DEFINITELY go see one if you feel you need to. It’s really hard but it does […]

Looking after your mental health as a small business owner

Small Business

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