Remember when you were growing up, when everything was new and confusing, and your mind was buzzing with questions that you'd send in to Dolly Doctor desperately searching for answers?

Yeah, sometimes marketing your biz can feel like that too. So if you need a little guidance to navigate social media, or work through a marketing roadblock, we're here to help (no embarrassment necessary).

Book a 1:1 Pick Our Brains session with Co-Founders Katy or Hayley and get instant lightbulb moments and answers to burning questions in an hour Zoom consult.

In an hour we could cover specific topics like:
⭐️ Instagram growth tactics
⭐️ Meta Ad optimisation tips and tricks
⭐️ Social Media content ideas
⭐️ Call-to-action or hook ideas

This is also a great option if you need a little accountability. Book in a series of sessions and we can be the marketers in your pocket when you need us.

Pick Our Brains

$299 AUD + GST

We can help...

Answer all your questions (and no, there are no silly ones)


Gold stars given to us from the A-Team.

Beauty Educator

I just had my first coaching call with the team at Oh My Digital. I had no idea what to expect but wow!! The level of detail Katy went into in that hour was incredible. I have walked away with a huge action list and look forward to working with the team in 2024. Thank you

Aoife Marie

The level of detail Katy went into in that hour was incredible.

One Roof

Oh My Digital® are a stand out social media agency. They have helped me to grow my online business significantly. I work with them to run marketing campaigns and we have had amazing success. They are a pleasure to work with, responsive, detail oriented and go above and beyond to ensure every dollar is well spent. I highly recommend working with this amazing team.

Sheree Rubinstein

They have helped me to grow my online business significantly.

Feros Care

Can't rate the work and the team highly enough. Oh My Digital® have delivered outstanding results for our business. They are proactive and keep us well informed along the way.

Simon Coker

Oh My Digital   have delivered outstanding results for our business



As a one woman show I have been so overwhelmed with knowing how to up scale and effectively promote my business. OMD's efforts and service were outstanding and made my loathed business audit a joy. From the little details to the grander picture, I feel confident and empowered with my personalised strategy and knowing that I have these ladies in my corner.


OMD's efforts and service were outstanding

Knowledge Alchemy

They took so much care with my brand and came up with a content plan that is clear and actionable. They are so generous with their time and super helpful, friendly and supportive, not to mention so enthusiastic about working with their clients. I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you!


These women are absolutely amazing.

Ivory & Stone

Huge thanks to Hayley from Oh My Digital for assisting me with my online store. Their team are super responsive, knowledgeable and just really fun to work with. Thank you!


Super responsive!

To The Aisle

Such a valuable tool for us to confidently move forward and I am so glad I reached out to Oh My Digital® - super impressed with your service on this.


I can’t begin to tell you how useful this report is... 

Meraki Media Management

Oh My Digital® is so so amazing. They give the best check-ups and I am so happy had the opportunity to work with them. All of the tips were super helpful ❤️


 All of the tips were super helpful ❤️

The Mindful Collective

Oh My Digital reviewed my hashtags and their feedback showed that they had clearly gained an understanding of The Mindful Collective and our socials - which I really appreciate!! They were also super responsive - which is a must for me in business 

Amy Kate

They were super responsive!