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How can I learn social media marketing?

There are so many amazing sources out there for learning social media marketing! Here are a few we suggest:

  • Follow some of the industry leaders that give you valuable tips on Instagram, here are a few we recommend (us, well dah, Villa Management & Wordfetti)
  • Sign up to industry newsletters
  • There are some amazing online and physical workshops out there! We have an online Instagram Workshop available. It’s self-paced and so actionable!

What is your best social media tip?

Social media is about being SOCIAL. It’s not just another way to sell your products/services. You’ll see real results for your brand when you start to communicate with your followers & build real relationships. Strengthen your content by using real data and measuring the effectiveness of what you do and give your followers VALUE above all else!

How do I know if social media marketing will work for my business?

Social media marketing is a fundamental part of every business marketing plan. Whether it be a simple organic (non-paid) content strategy or a more elaborate paid end to end marketing funnel, every business can benefit from having a plan in place. If you’d like to chat to us about putting together a marketing plan for you, check out the link here.

I'm rebranding, but Facebook isn't letting me change my Facebook brand name. Help!

Facebook like to make sure that you’ve given your followers sufficient notice before changing your brand name. We’ve been through this process ourselves, so we documented it here, so that you know exactly what you need to do to arm yourself for success! Feel free to holla at us over on our Instagram to let us know how it went, we’d LOVE to hear about it!

Is Pinterest for business owners too?

Have you ever been lying in your bed late at night, scrolling through Pinterest for some inspo and thought, “I wonder if I can use Pinterest for my business?”.Well, look no further, because we have all the answers to your questions on how to use Pinterest to grow your business right here!

Does a social media scheduling tool affect my reach? And which should I use?

There have been many tests done to see if social media scheduling tools affect reach, and all have very different results. However, from our tests alone, we can conclusively say that no, using a scheduling tool does not affect reach. If anything, it just free’s up a hell of a lot of your time and saves a lot of stress!

We use the tool Later, because it schedules Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram feed & stories, which we LOVE. It can be a little buggy but aren’t they all.

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