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October 29, 2021
Christmas Marketing

Your Ultimate Silly Season Marketing Guide for 2021

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When we think about the holiday season, it’s so much more than just Christmas and New Year. Australian shoppers now expect their favourite brands to get involved with more popular American shopping holidays (think Black Friday and Cyber Monday). We know, it’s a lot! So we’re here with a handy survival guide to help you nail your holiday marketing.

Rule #1 Know your holiday marketing goals

There’s a lot of noise about what you should or shouldn’t be doing to market your business at the best of times, and this is even stronger at this time of year!

Before you go any further, stop (right now, thank you very much) and consider your goals for the next three months…

  • What are your sales targets?
  • What kind of customers do you want to attract?
  • How do you want to position your brand?

We highly recommend having a look at your data from last year to see what types of content performed well (or not), how many people visited your site and what your sales figures looked like. From here, you can set some really clear goals, and once you know what you’re aiming for you can easily weed out the tactics that might be valuable (or not).

Using Email for the holidays 

We <3 email marketing because it uses owned media (a.k.a your very own beautiful emails and subscriber list). Okay, but what does this mean? Unlike advertising (where you need to pay to talk to your customers) it’s free and much easier to control. Provided you have a nice clean email list and a good sender reputation, you’re virtually gauranteed to get your message in every audience member’s inbox!

This channel is an even more important asset come the silly season because advertising gets EXPENSIVE. Remember that basically all digital advertising is auction-based, so the more businesses we have advertising at once, the more competition there is for a finite amount of media space, and the more you will pay. So yeah, having a solid email strategy is V important.

The legends at Klaviyo have a few great ideas for using email marketing over the holidays:

  • Give your best customers early access to special discounts.
  • Encourage customers to sign up for early access to Black Friday and other holiday notifications.
  • Preview your holiday merchandise.

Get some more inspiration here.

Using Facebook & Instagram for the holidays 

People are craving connection and community when it comes to shopping for the holiday season. This gives your business the opportunity to take a personalised approach. Today’s shoppers are craving an immersive and entertaining shopping experience. 

Facebook tools to get creative with:

  • Stories: a great way to give consumers a real life experience by sharing information, being collaborative through quizzes and giving advice. 
  • Messenger bots: a chat that can help consumers pick out holiday gifts. 
  • Collections: a visual and immersive way for consumers to discover your products. 

These tools are a great way to give consumers that ‘real life’ experience they are craving. 

According to Facebook, Gen X and boomers are really leading the growth of eCommerce right now. If this is your target market, utilise look into using Facebook as a channel during the holiday season and provide an easy shopping experience.

Using Google for the holidays 

This year’s holiday retail season is about to be one of the biggest ever with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. The best advice is to START EARLY! Shoppers are starting their shopping early due to being more price-conscious and getting stock before it sells out. Customers are window shopping through Google, and searching for ‘ethical’, ‘local businesses’ and ‘black owned shops’ this holiday season. So if that’s you, make sure those characteristics are made clear on your website to help new customers find you.

What can help:

  • Promotions are a key driver in what customers buy this season so if you can offer discounts or other incentives then DO IT! You can try promoting them across Google Search, Google Shopping Ads and Free Product Listings. 
  • Customers want fast shipping so make sure you have that available to them where possible, and communicate clearly about any potential delays. 

Using Pinterest for the holidays 

Pinterest is a great platform for online retailers, specifically those who specialise in fashion, interior design, wedding planning, kids clothing and party planning or tutorial-style content.

Pinterest has provided stats to show that brands who start early have a 6% incremental sales increase and 4.7x more conversions. People come to Pinterest first to start their holiday shopping as it is the best channel to gain inspo and ideas. So if your audience is into Pinterest, get started and try making some themed boards so you can market what products you think your customers want for gifting. 

Using TikTok for the holidays 

Physical products do well on TikTok due to an easy buying process and lots of creative video options. According to TikTok’s own research…

  • 39% of people say TikTok helped them discover new products 
  • 77% of people have bought something they saw on TikTok
  • 47% of people said that TikTok is likely to inspire a gift idea

We promise this isn’t just an app that the youngins use to learn new dance moves anymore – it has an audience with serious buying power and should be taken seriously as a marketing channel if it fits your brand. The audience on TikTok is very engaged and provides a great opportunity for businesses for the holiday season.

Dates to scribble in your diary 

  • Black Friday: 26th November 
  • Cyber Monday: 29th November 
  • Australia post typically has December 12th as the cut off date for standard parcels and the 19th for express post to arrive in time for Christmas BUT there have been a loooot of delays recently, so the earlier your customers can order – the better! Check the latest postage dates advice from Australia Post here.

Avoid logisitics nightmares

We recently hosted a live chat with the seriously amazing Maritime Lawyer Alison Cusack (yep, she really makes shipping law fun!). Alison shared some great *general advice* for managing your supply chain over the silly season and keeping customers happy despite all the shipping and supply issues we’re currently experiencing globally.

You can watch the replay here!

Workshops to help you get sorted for the silly season

Need a little extra support? Some of our upcoming workshops might be helpful for you!

Get booked out for 2021

Join us for All-Stars Marketing Training November 9th 2021 as Haley & Katy will be helping you get booked out for Christmas! Tickets are $35AUD but free if you’re a member.

Take a social media break

In our All-Stars Marketing Training on December 7th 2021, Haley & Katy will be helping you batch your content so you can have a break over Christmas! Tickets are $35AUD but free if you’re a member.

Create your 2022 social content strategy

Join us for All-Stars Marketing Training on January 11th 2022 where we’ll help you put together your social content strategy for 2022. Tickets are $35AUD but free if you’re a member.

The year has flown by and with Christmas fast approaching it’s time to get ready to dominate the holiday season. Who needs the extra stress when all you want to do is celebrate the holidays, so remember to start planning early (as in right now)! We hope you have enjoyed this blog, so leave us a reply and get in contact with us if you need more help with getting ready for the holiday season.  

XOXO Georgia Stewart, our amazing Intern!

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