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March 21, 2020
proactive marketing

7 Things you can do to stay proactive while sh*t hits the fan

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So it kind of feels like sh*t is hitting the fan right now. That sucks. We are both optimists, and we love to show up with sunshine and rainbows as much as possible. But right now we need to acknowledge this is just a crappy time for a lot of business owners. Sadly for a lot of industries around the world, these tips might not be enough for you, that’s just reality… 


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We don’t all have to give up and throw in the towel just yet. In fact, we really believe that for those who have the resilience and resources to stick around are going to reap big rewards *when* we all go back to normal (eventually). 

Yes, we’re personally in a super lucky position where we are already hermits and work remotely with our clients, and we’re also diversified across different industries and offerings, so we can largely continue business as usual *knocks on desk* *wonders ‘is this real wood?’* *I hope so* *YOLO*. 


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No matter what kind of business you have, we wanted to share some inspiration, resources and marketing tips that you can use to stay as proactive as possible and keep forging ahead. At the end of the day, we are all going to be affected in some way, but for every problem, there is an opportunity, and if we can find those and leverage them to the MAX, then we can at least stay afloat and come out stronger in the long-run.

Now the tips we’re about to share are general advice, so please use your noggin’ and understand they may/may not work for your unique situation, but hopefully they might at least spark some ideas or give you a starting point. If you feel you need some more tailored guidance, we’ll be sharing some resources on that also.

Alright, alright, alright. Let’s get into some things you can do to stay proactive right now:


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So it’s best to chat to a Business Coach like Clare Wood if you’re planning to make drastic changes to your offering, but we have some thoughts for you on pivoting your offering slightly from a product marketing perspective.

Let’s revisit our first year of uni for a sec and talk about The Four Ps. These are areas you can look at tweaking to make your biz more viable in the current environment. These ideas are based on what we’re doing entirely, things we’ve been helping our clients with and what we’ve seen some of our fave local businesses doing.

P.s. if you want some tips on staying legally legit while you pivot your business, the incredible Riz from Foundd Legal is sharing some free tips on her 5 Days of Business Support stories this week. You can find them here!

Product (Your solution to people’s problem/s)

  • Do you have the resources to manufacture something people really need at the moment?
  • Is there an item in your online store that’s in hot demand right now? Push this in your advertising!
  • Can you take your current offering and adapt it for other industries that have the money/ability to invest in you at the moment?

Price (The level of value your solution provides)

  • Can you offer a mini-version of your current products or services so that cash-strapped businesses or individuals can still buy from you?
  • Is there a way you can gain efficiencies in your manufacturing/processes to offer your products/services at a reduced price (while keeping your profits stable)?

Place (How you provide access your solution)

  • Can you change the way your product/service is delivered? E.g. moving workshops to an online delivery or focusing on food delivery as opposed to in-house dining like Whiskey Business or Kenilworth Bakery
  • If you’re in retail and have an online-store side to your business, can you look at shifting to fully-online?

Promotion (How you inform people about your solution)

  • Don’t go for the hard sell. Focus your marketing on answering people’s questions, providing informative content and adding value. Let the sales come naturally when people fall in love with your brand. This is our normal approach already, but something to pay extra attention to right now. Think long-term and be sensitive to what people are going through.
  • Focus on marketing channels that people will be spending a lot more time consuming in coming months (news websites, social media etc)

2. Do the things you’ve been putting off

If things are a little (or a lot) quiet right now, yes that sucks. But the one upshoot is there’s zero “I don’t have time” excuses anymore. Use this down time to take care of all those things you’ve been putting off that will help your business.

  • Write that content
  • Film those videos
  • Get your bookkeeping in order
  • Audit your expenses and see what you can cut/decrease or replace
  • Do some professional development (more on that below)
  • Update your website
  • Or whatever else is on your “later” list!

3. Upskill yourself for free

Even if you’re totally skint right now (feels), there are SO many amazing free training courses out there that you can use to learn about marketing and get some ideas to help your business DIY-style. Our tip? Try and stick to reputable sources and brands with good reviews and lots of social proof – there’s also a lot of free courses that are crap, and you don’t want to get confused trying to follow the wrong advice. 

The providers below are all well-known and trusted by us personally:

4. Invest in training to DIY 

If you want some more in-depth up-skilling in the marketing space and have some $$ to spend, then investing in some paid training is also a good way to set yourself up for DIY success. It’s even going to help you if/when you do outsource in the future, because you’ll have the confidence to know what to look for and find it so much easier working with a marketing expert!

Here’s some paid training that would be on our list:

5. Get some mentorship

This is a good option if you can’t afford to invest in outsourcing your marketing right now but still want some guidance or advice to help you DIY successfully. There are so many options out there, but we’ll mention a few below:

  • We’ve worked with Clare Wood as our own biz coach and she was invaluable in helping us get our stuff sorted and take our business to the next level. If you need some help with pivoting, improving your profits, getting your numbers sorted or keeping your mindset in check, definitely reach out to her.
  • The Founder’s Team is a mastermind group that we joined at the start of the year and it’s been insanely valuable so far. You get your own (perfectly matched) group of business owners to mastermind with, solve challenges, help each other and stay accountable. And yes, it’s all available online! It’s open for applications until 25 March and you can join here. (Psst! If you sign up through that link we earn a small commish, so you get to support two businesses in one purchase <3) 
  • *Shameless Plug* We have an online membership to help you DIY your digital marketing. Imagine our Insta content on steroids, plus you get to pick our brains when you have a problem.

6. Invest in some tailored marketing guidance

If you’ve been wanting to up-level your marketing for a while, and now have a little extra time on your hands to implement things (but still some cash in the bank), then it might be a good time to look at having an audit done on your socials, or a marketing plan put together to guide you through the next 6-12 months.

We’ve had a lot of enquiries this week from business owners who are taking this time as an opportunity to be proactive and get a plan in place, or spend some time fixing gaps in their website or socials. We know it’s not that simple for everyone right now, but if you’re in a position where you can take that approach? DO IT. Now is the time.

We offer a few options if you’re looking for something like this (the most popular ones are our Basic Digital Health Check or Digital Marketing Plan). We’re also still offering Pick Our Brains sessions too which are wallet-friendly but really valuable if you just want to talk an idea through with us, get some feedback or try to resolve a roadblock you’ve been having in your marketing. 

7. Keep marketing your business

We cannot stress this enough. If you slow down or stop all your marketing efforts right now purely in an effort to save money, just be mindful of how long it will take to regain the momentum you have built over the years. Everyday it gets harder to build organic audiences from scratch online, so don’t let what you have go to waste.

Even in the worst case scenario where you might have to fire your marketing team, there are so many things you can do as a business owner for FREE. Do some of the free training we mentioned above, make some topical and valuable content that your customers need in their life right now. Promote it on social media, build an email list…. 

If you forge ahead and keep building your brand and audience over the next 6 months, you are going to have a HUGE advantage over all your competitors who let their marketing die. Thank us later!

We hope these tips help! If you have questions about anything, drop them in the comments and we’ll answer every single one. Otherwise you can vent to us any time in our DMs here!

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