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April 26, 2018

Promote your e-point of difference


In the age of a social media obsessed world, it’s more important than ever to find out what makes you different from the rest. Generating viral/shareable content is a very powerful way to engage with your audience and improve your organic reach. Once you find that golden egg you need to shout it from the mountaintops (or whatever the online equivalent of that is).
Here’s a plan of attack for anyone looking to find their business-mojo:

1. Scan your business with fresh eyes.

We all do it. We become complacent to some of our most unique, exciting qualities. Often it takes someone from the outside to tell us “That’s actually really cool!” and we go “Oh yeah, you’re right”. So, if you can’t be subjective with this, recruit a close friend or family member to look through your website and/or social media page and get them to tell you what stood out.

2. Found it? Time to propagate.

No: Keep looking.
Yes: Brilliant! Now think about how it can be multiplied and expanded. Your customers will tire of the same copy or imagery, so this step will be crucial in your long-term planning. Say you’re a local coffee shop and your point of difference is your organic fair-trade coffee beans. Find out about the origin of your beans, how profits are helping communities, the chemical-free roasting process etc.

3. Prepare your creative suite.

Pool all your assets together so they’re easily accessible to everyone in the team. Make it easy for everyone to champion your point of difference! You’ll need to have scroll-stopping imagery, which may mean investing in a professional photographer. Videos are great too! And don’t forget about content. Create short and long form copy, tag-lines, hashtags. A consistent voice is important when maintaining your point of difference.

4. Spread the word.

This is the shouting from the mountaintops part. Share with your online community and beyond. It’s both an exciting and overwhelming part of the process so if this isn’t your forte don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals. Oh My Digital will have you covered here.
Organic reach is often limited (we’re all familiar with Facebook newsfeed armageddon) so put a little budget behind your posts.

5. Recut and reuse.

Content generation is one of the hardest parts of marketing a business. Customers want (nay demand) high-quality content. Which leaves us constantly scrambling to come up with fresh content. But it doesn’t always need to be that hard. Consider how you can reuse existing content across multiple platforms. You could have a blog post with an infographic; perfect for your social channel. An awesome testimonial on your website? Find a photo to go with it and post on your Instagram account. Cool promo image? Use it as your email signature.

6. Report and learn.

Finally, you need to be on the pulse about what is working and what isn’t. Hot tip: don’t get attached to your content. I know personally as a marketer the posts I think will do well sometimes don’t, and vice versa. So, keep an eye on your content, report on your findings and apply any learnings to future campaigns.
These steps should at least give you a framework to work with.
Bon voyage on your journey.
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