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Hashtag Cheat Sheets


If you know you need to use hashtags but have NO idea where to start, we have the cheat sheet for you.



Struggling to reach new audiences with your hashtags? You might be bringing all the bots to your yard with hashtags that are too broad or generic and they aren’t getting in front of your ideal customer.

We’ve saved you a HEAP of time by researching and putting together hundreds of specific and niche hashtags that you can copy and use yourself. We use these ourselves, and for our clients.

They are grouped together by their local areas, and then again by the below categories:

  • Business Chicks
  • Community & Lifestyle
  • Small Business
  • Service Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Hotel, Pub, Bar & Travel Industries
  • Creative Industry

All you have to do is put them together into groups of 30 that are relevant to your posts and away you go! Enjoy!


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