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Custom Hashtag Cheat Sheet


I’m posting pretty good content (I think), but I’m not reaching the right audience. I need help fine-tuning my hashtags.


No more stressing about finding the right hashtags!

Instagram can be a minefield without knowing a trick or two, especially when you aren’t sure which hashtags you should be using, or if they’re even working successfully! Maybe your industry is a little unique and you need a bit of a hand working out which hashtags you should be posting. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Your Custom Hashtag Cheat Sheet will include: 5 sets of 30 hashtags, hand-picked for your business.

These will be uniquely segmented to best reach your target audience and the type of content you’re producing.

All you have to do is fill in the form you’ll get with your confirmation email, return it to us and we’ll confirm an ETA to get these in your hands!

Managing my own social media is a bit of a minefield and Instagram isn't my strong point. So I purchased Oh My Digital's Hashtag cheat sheet and it was fantastic because it gave me a little bit of inspo back for my hashtags and also reaffirmed that the hashtags I have been using have been on the right track. A great little resource if you're feeling a bit of hashtag burnout!


Encore Admin Consulting

Oh My Digital reviewed my hashtags and their feedback showed that they had clearly gained an understanding of The Mindful Collective and our socials - which I really appreciate!! They were also super responsive - which is a must for me in business 

Amy Kate

The Mindful Collective