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Just starting out, or working with a limited marketing budget?

You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s give you some direction and guidance to DIY your marketing.

Simply book in for the service you’d like to take advantage of, and you’ll receive instructions from us on the next steps straight to your inbox.

Have a question about anything before committing? Just contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Oh My Digital Membership

Oh My Digital Membership

I’m not ready to outsource but I need a little ongoing support.

Over the years we’ve worked with countless small businesses to help them improve their digital marketing efforts and grow their brands.

We know that when you’re building a business from the ground up, hiring an in-house marketing team or paying a monthly agency retainer isn’t always realistic. But we wanted to make our knowledge and expertise more accessible to every small biz babe – that’s how the Oh My Digital Membership was born!

The Oh My Digital Membership includes:
  • Goal tracking and monthly check-ins to keep you accountable
  • Plug & play analytics dashboard
  • Weekly bite-size lessons
  • Ask questions and get support in the online member community
  • Access to monthly expert Q&A videos
  • 50% off our Instagram Business Workshop
  • 50% off our shop
  • 10% off selected DIY marketing services


From: $29 / month

Facebook Ads Starter Kit

Facebook Ads Starter Kit

I want to try running my own Facebook Ads, but I have no idea where to start!

Thinking about giving Facebook ads a crack, DIY style? We’ve put together our ultimate Facebook Ads Starter Kit designed for the small business owner, or even digital marketing freelancers who want to make sure they’re checking off all the important bits and bobs to set campaigns up for success. We have designed this for absolute beginners, so you can jump right in – even if you haven’t touched Facebook Ads before!

Price: $99+GST

Member price includes 10% OFF when you use your discount code.

Custom Social Media Content Plan

Custom Social Media Content Plan

I know I should be posting regularly, but I just have no idea what to put up or if I’m on the right track. Help!

Let’s face it, you’ve got a million other things you’d rather be doing in your business, and creating content for your socials can often be an afterthought, which means you’re producing sub-par work that you’re not proud of. Or maybe you’ve just let your profiles gather cobwebs. Well, your days of wracking your brain for post ideas are over!

Price: $149+GST

Member price includes 10% OFF when you use your discount code.

Custom Blog Content Plan

Custom Blog Content Plan

I know I need to write monthly blogs, but I’m stuck. What the hell do I write about?

Getting started is the hardest part of blog writing. You’ve got to research your customer’s pain points, and work out how to provide value that not only drives them to your website, but also makes them want to work with you or purchase from you in the future!

Luckily we have a bit of practice with this, so let us do the grunt work for you.

Price: $149+GST

Member price includes 10% OFF when you use your discount code.

Custom Hashtag Cheat Sheet

I’m posting pretty good content (I think), but I’m not reaching the right audience. I need help fine-tuning my hashtags.

Instagram can be a minefield without knowing a trick or two, especially when you aren’t sure which hashtags you should be using, or if they’re even working successfully! Maybe your industry is a little unique and you need a bit of a hand working out which hashtags you should be posting. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Price: $80+GST

Member price includes 10% OFF when you use your discount code.

Pick our brain

Pick Our Brains: 1 hr Phone Consult

I’m stuck on a social media issue and I can’t for the life of me work it out. I need a little advice from experts!

If you’d like to pick our brains, we’re offering them up on a platter (not the best mental image, sorry) to discuss whatever social media goodness you’d like to chat about for an hour over a video call.

Together we offer over 10 years of marketing expertise, specialising in small to medium business social media strategy and we cannot wait to help you discuss that issue you’re dying to get a lil’ extra help with!


Price: $99+GST

Digital Marketing Strategy Brisbane

Instagram Shop Setup

I’ve tried to get my Instagram shop approved, but I keep getting rejected and I don’t know why!

So you’ve probably had a little read of this article on how to set up your own Instagram shop so that you can create a seamless shopping experience for your followers. Maybe you’re struggling to follow it properly, or not entirely sure if you’ve done it correctly? Don’t worry, it can be pretty confusing.

Our Instagram Shop Setup includes:
  • Auditing your existing application to see which requirements might be missing, plus instructions to complete them.
  • Importing your products into your Facebook Catalogue and ensuring this has been done correctly.
  • Connecting your Facebook and Instagram profile to your Facebook Business Manager.
  • Re-applying on your behalf by contacting Facebook directly.
  • Monitoring the application process and advising when it has been approved.


Price: $149+GST

  • I came across Oh My Digital while looking for help online to see what we could do and how we could improve our social media and online presence and up popped Oh My Digital. Reading through their list of services their digital health check appealed - it was exactly what I needed - a pulse check of what we had been doing, how we had been doing it and what we could do better. Their service and turn around time was impressive!! Hayley was very communicative and they know their stuff!! No BS! 😉
    The standard time frame was 1 week, but she turned this around for us within a couple of days and we have been so appreciative. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them and are actually looking into getting their help and support on a few other elements of our business and improving our online performance. Thanks Hayley you are amazing!! xx

  • I just completed the Instagram Business Workshop for beginners and it was great! All the tips and tricks for a beginner to feel like they are no longer a beginner! Thank you Oh My Digital and thank you Asiara Media for sending me their way.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies of Oh My Digital at a wonderful workshop at The Burleigh Common. They were very patient and full of wisdom. Thank you for helping me adjust my Insta training wheels. Love from Summer, Boss Lady Matchmaker @ Mate4Life Xx

  • Why am I rating these guys a 5? Because they hands down deserve it! I am probably their biggest instagram stalker but I absolutely love the handy tips and information they share across their platforms! Really helps small business owners like myself keep up to date with everything!

  • The Girls at Oh My Digital are the best! fast, efficient, creative with words and have an eye for detail. They know their stuff and are 100% focused on each of their clients to the point they make you feel you are their only one! Our growth at Rivermead Estate and the professional presentation of our instagram and facebook platforms are commented on all the time. Thanks girls for making my job so easy! Chrissy Keepence, General Manager, Rivermead Estate.

  • Oh My Digital is so so amazing. They give the best check-ups and I am so happy had the opportunity to work with them. All of the tips were super helpful ❤️

  • Oh My Digital reviewed my hashtags and their feedback showed that they had clearly gained an understanding of The Mindful Collective and our socials - which I really appreciate!! They were also super responsive - which is a must for me in business 🙂

  • Managing my own social media is a bit of a minefield and Instagram isn't my strong point. So I purchased Oh My Digital's Hashtag cheat sheet and it was fantastic because it gave me a little bit of inspo back for my hashtags and also reaffirmed that the hashtags I have been using have been on the right track. A great little resource if you're feeling a bit of hashtag burnout!

  • Hayley and the team at Oh My Digital Agency have delivered a rare combination of quality and creativity which has provided us with some amazing insights and results.

    On top of being one of the nicest and most humble people to work with, working with Hayley has been absolutely effortless. She instantly grasped the unique concept of Hitchd and helped us grow our social media presence by more than 200% in less than a week. The team also helped tweak and refine our Facebook Ad campaigns to provide us with much-needed data to ensure we are reaching our optimal target audience.

    I can’t say enough positive things about the great work they have done for Hitchd and would highly recommend working with the experts at Oh My Digital Agency.

  • I can’t begin to tell you how useful this report is... Such a valuable tool for us to confidently move forward and I am so glad I reached out to Oh My Digital - super impressed with your service on this.

  • OHHH MY DIGITAL... YOU'RE AMAZING!!!! ( I now get why you're called oh my digital... it's basically an exclamation. Instead of oh my gawd/goodness. totally makes sense). Seriously I am so amazed, what a great cost for knowledge! You have analysed and 'health checked' my business social media & website with so much information but all in a very easy way to understand. I look forward to making a cuppa and diving into this information you have provided me with. It is very exciting information.

    The best part is you're not just teaching me about how running business on social media and website works but you are also making it interesting and keeping the focus on my business history and future.

    What a wonderful service, knowledge and kindness you offer to many business owners.

    I am so grateful ladies. xxx

  • Hayley has been a pleasure to work with. She and Kaitlyn put together a competition campaign for my company Stylkea with a level of professionalism that went beyond my expectations. They have a great, positive attitude, coupled with the right connections (coders, graphic designers etc) and real-world digital experience, which allows them punch above their weight. As well as running a good campaign, Hayley brought new ideas to the table and put systems in place to streamline our digital media management. Importantly, they were open minded and flexible, which is an essential quality given that we’re all learning as the brand is growing and evolving. Sometimes, you need more than an expert telling you what to do – you need collaborators to brainstorm with, and I feel I have that with these talented women. Oh My Digital are the real deal.