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Your Digital Marketing Playbook is the ultimate strategy and implementation guide for you, the business owner who has already started your social media accounts, have your website up and running and possibly dabbled in email marketing.

You’re overwhelmed with ideas, and you’ve read lots of tips online but none of it is tailored exactly for you. This is where our Digital Marketing Playbook comes in. It is a jam-packed, highly actionable guide that you can use to nail your digital marketing and skyrocket your business.

We put together a comprehensive digital marketing playbook that explores and includes:

Digital Marketing Playbook

$1250 AUD + GST

⭐️ Total Instagram overhaul – bio, layout, hashtags, followers, following, content & image choice recommendations.
⭐️ Facebook feedback – using analytics to advise you on your CTA buttons, top-performing posts, engagement, page demographic and suggestions for improvement of content.
⭐️ Website suggestions – we’ll evaluate your Google Analytics & your website to see if you can improve your customer experience which will aim to improve leads
⭐️ Your UVP (unique value proposition)
⭐️ Overall business goals breakdown and aligns those to your digital marketing strategy
⭐️ A mapped-out digital marketing funnel, so you can see how everything contributes to the big picture
⭐️ A full breakdown of which digital marketing tactics can help you reach your goals
⭐️ A social media content guide (packed with tips & tricks tailored specifically for your business)
⭐️ A proposed budget breakdown
⭐️ And a timeline to guide you along the path for the next 6-12 months

In this highly actionable plan that's ready for you to explore by yourself, we'll also provide you with a quote for us to do it for you at the end if you decide you still need a little help later down the track!

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These girls are my like minded down to earth people. They really helped simplify a lot of the social media stuff to help me grow and authentic audience. Although I’m not interested in a high number of followers, I had real people seeing my work and booking in. And in the short space of 4 months I am have seen my bookings grow hugely. Super affordable and great knowledge.

Faye Hairdressing

I came across Oh My Digital while looking for help online to see what we could do and how we could improve our social media and online presence and up popped Oh My Digital. Reading through their list of services their digital health check appealed - it was exactly what I needed - a pulse check of what we had been doing, how we had been doing it and what we could do better. Their service and turn around time was impressive!! Hayley was very communicative and they know their stuff!! No BS! 😉
The standard time frame was 1 week, but she turned this around for us within a couple of days and we have been so appreciative. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them and are actually looking into getting their help and support on a few other elements of our business and improving our online performance. Thanks Hayley you are amazing!! Xx


Explore Nui

We purchased an Instagram health check for our gym, and Hayley and Katy delivered so much value! Their check was thorough and gave us incredible insight on the specific areas we can improve upon straight away. Sometimes it's hard to see what you need to fix in your own business, so having an outside set of fresh eyes was so helpful!! It was exactly what we were looking for - quick, simple and effective tips that I'm certain will make a difference in our business! Thanks girls 


Eastern Barbells

I can’t begin to tell you how useful this report is... Such a valuable tool for us to confidently move forward and I am so glad I reached out to Oh My Digital - super impressed with your service on this.


To The Aisle

Oh My Digital is so so amazing. They give the best check-ups and I am so happy had the opportunity to work with them. All of the tips were super helpful ❤️



We engaged Katy and Haley to create a Digital Health Check for our Social Media accounts recently. The girls was fantastic to deal with, efficient and extremely helpful in their response, their report was comprehensive, but still very easy to interpret and understand. All in all, we had a fantastic experience with Oh My Digital, and look forward to working with the girls again in the future. Thank you girls! X

Donna Guyler

Donna Guyler Design