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May 9, 2019

Change your Facebook page name successfully

Small Business

We’ve all been there. You started your business a few years ago and you were IN LOVE with the name, the brand and the mission. But you’ve now outgrown it. You’ve spent a tonne of money on a brandspanking new website, beautiful new assets for your socials and your days away from launching….you just need to change your social handles.

Instagram might have been relatively easy, but then you try to change your Facebook handle…nothing happens. You get butterflies in your stomach as you receive an email from Facebook with the subject line “Your Page name request”…but as you open the email you read the line “We’re unable to update your Page’s name because your request doesn’t follow our Page guidelines.” You’re scratching your head and thinking….I don’t get it. This is my page, I’m the owner…why can’t I change it?

WELL the email goes on to explain that “The name you requested suggests that the subject of your Page has changed or may be misleading. This can be confusing for people who like your Page. Page name change requests that don’t meet our guidelines include changes that may be misleading (example: renaming “I Love New York” to “I Love San Francisco”). Requests that meet our guidelines include removing descriptions from a Page’s name (example: renaming “John Smith, Trainer” to “John Smith”). We understand that you might not know our Page guidelines, so we encourage you to learn more: Thanks,”

So basically…they’re saying that you can’t change it because it’s too different to your previous name. That’s when the panic starts to set in. Building your Facebook following has been HARD. The algorithm has been working against you lately and this is the last thing you need before you go live. Merging your pages can be risky, because you might lose the followers from your old page, and let’s be honest – Facebook might still reject it. Starting a whole new page is an absolute nightmare in this day and age, and trying to spam your followers to get them to move over to your page is just really against what you stand for.

Well my friend, we have a solution for you.

We recently had a lovely lady come to us with this EXACT issue. So we embarked on a mission, neh, a sacred duty to fix this for her. After all the chats with the Facebook experts, we came up with a way around this pesky little issue. Our best suggestion is to contact a Facebook representative directly, who will forward your request specifically to the pages department who will actually review your case in person (not just an automatic bot like most cases).

Before you start your process, you’ll want to make sure you have your ducks in a row.

You’ll need to have the below prepared:

  • Facebook need documents showing the name of the business. These could be a tax file for your business, domain registration or the Official Business Name Registration. To be safe, we’d suggest having all of these handy. It’s NEVER a bad thing to be over organised.
  • Facebook also requires an official statement on your website (if possible) informing your customers of the upcoming changes. If this isn’t possible (due to your website being under construction), they will settle for a post on your Instagram and Facebook pages. It needs to clearly communicate the name change and any other changes to the business. You’ll want to do this as soon as possible to make sure that your followers have enough time to see the message. The reviewers may push back the name change to a 7 day waiting period if this isn’t done with enough time to thoroughly warn your followers. So you’ll want to ensure your launch isn’t weighing too heavily on your Facebook page name change.
  • Before you begin your Facebook chat, you’ll need to ensure that you remember to CLEARLY communicate to the Facebook representative that the reason for the name change is due to a rebrand. If you miss this step, you might find they’ll refuse you outright.

You’re ready to rock and roll. Let’s now upgrade your page name:

  • Contact a Facebook representative via chat. It should look like the below (if you don’t have this option available – feel free to holla at us here. We can arrange this for you a small fee):
  • Changing a facebook name
  • Connect with Facebook Chat
Facebook Chat

Select Business Pages

Chat with a Facebook rep

Select “Chat with a Representative”

  • You’ll need to fill out a small form with your basic details. That will take you directly to a Facebook representative through your Facebook Messenger chat.
  • When the Facebook chat starts state that you’d like to chat about changing your Facebook page name due to a rebrand. You’ll have all of your documentation, page URL & website URL ready to go.
  • Once the conversation is done, the Representative will summarise your chat and send you an email. They’ll keep in touch via email to notify you of your progress.
  • If one chat representative says no, don’t necessarily take that as gospel. Try again. Sometimes one representative might not have followed the correct steps, but the next one will!


We’ve guided you through the steps to get this pesky change done and get your rebrand happening ASAP. The rest is up to you. We’d love to know how it works for you, feel free to come on over to our Facebook page and chat to us about it!

Good luck!



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