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Yeah, we’re those gals with the very colourful feed on Instagram throwing inspiration, tips & tricks and sass at you every day. But you may be thinking, I’m sure I’ve seen your faces elsewhere? You might have…we get around (to a lot of networking events, and features, that is). Below is a little collection of the amazing biz owners who have featured us, and we couldn’t be more proud to share these with you.


Your One and Only

Our friends over at Your Only and Only asked us give our opinion on the topic of measuring your marketing. So we’ve weighed in, read all about it below.

The Shaker

Our friend Bianca Way wrote this killer article for The Shaker on The Game of Social Media, and asked for our thoughts. So Hayley gave her 2 cents worth on whether social media is a game, and how to play it!

Heidi Lou Design

Hayley answered the 5 top questions that Heidi Lou Design’s clients & followers have about Instagram. Hope you enjoy our little gems!

Heidi Lou Design

Heidi Lou Design recently turned one, so she asked us to give our impressions on our first year in business. We’ve given our tips & tricks on how to ride the tidal wave that is the rocky world of biz ownership. As well as all the amazing experiences we had along the way!

Clare Wood Coach

Clare Wood recently had us join her in her Women in Service Businesses Group to chat all things social media, and we had a BLAST filming this video for you all. Watch it below!

Startup Growth

Startup growth asked us about our favourite Digital Marketing Tool. We were only too happy to talk about our favourite social media scheduling tool, which is an absolute LIFE saver in our biz. Discover which one we use below.

Lady Boss Blogger

Our interview with the Lady Boss Blogger was our first, and we were SO excited to be asked to talk about our journey, what actually sparked our idea to start this little agency, and what our biggest challenges had been to date. Read all about it below.

Asiara Media

We got to meet our Instagram Biz Bestie Asiara Media IRL & chat all things Instagram, and how it can actually make you money if you use the right strategies! Right all about it here.

HWB Chartered Accountants

Katy offered insights to the team at HWB Chartered Accountants about what her biggest piece of advice for starting a new business in this digital age would be. Find out all gems she had to give away below.

Your One & Only

The legends at Your One & Only got us to give our 2 cents (okay, it was maybe more like $20) on your most valuable marketing asset – your Branding!

Have a read, it’ll be worth it.

  • I came across Oh My Digital while looking for help online to see what we could do and how we could improve our social media and online presence and up popped Oh My Digital. Reading through their list of services their digital health check appealed - it was exactly what I needed - a pulse check of what we had been doing, how we had been doing it and what we could do better. Their service and turn around time was impressive!! Hayley was very communicative and they know their stuff!! No BS! 😉
    The standard time frame was 1 week, but she turned this around for us within a couple of days and we have been so appreciative. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending them and are actually looking into getting their help and support on a few other elements of our business and improving our online performance. Thanks Hayley you are amazing!! xx

  • I just completed the Instagram Business Workshop for beginners and it was great! All the tips and tricks for a beginner to feel like they are no longer a beginner! Thank you Oh My Digital and thank you Asiara Media for sending me their way.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely ladies of Oh My Digital at a wonderful workshop at The Burleigh Common. They were very patient and full of wisdom. Thank you for helping me adjust my Insta training wheels. Love from Summer, Boss Lady Matchmaker @ Mate4Life Xx

  • Why am I rating these guys a 5? Because they hands down deserve it! I am probably their biggest instagram stalker but I absolutely love the handy tips and information they share across their platforms! Really helps small business owners like myself keep up to date with everything!

  • The Girls at Oh My Digital are the best! fast, efficient, creative with words and have an eye for detail. They know their stuff and are 100% focused on each of their clients to the point they make you feel you are their only one! Our growth at Rivermead Estate and the professional presentation of our instagram and facebook platforms are commented on all the time. Thanks girls for making my job so easy! Chrissy Keepence, General Manager, Rivermead Estate.

  • Oh My Digital is so so amazing. They give the best check-ups and I am so happy had the opportunity to work with them. All of the tips were super helpful ❤️

  • Oh My Digital reviewed my hashtags and their feedback showed that they had clearly gained an understanding of The Mindful Collective and our socials - which I really appreciate!! They were also super responsive - which is a must for me in business 🙂

  • Managing my own social media is a bit of a minefield and Instagram isn't my strong point. So I purchased Oh My Digital's Hashtag cheat sheet and it was fantastic because it gave me a little bit of inspo back for my hashtags and also reaffirmed that the hashtags I have been using have been on the right track. A great little resource if you're feeling a bit of hashtag burnout!

  • Hayley and the team at Oh My Digital Agency have delivered a rare combination of quality and creativity which has provided us with some amazing insights and results.

    On top of being one of the nicest and most humble people to work with, working with Hayley has been absolutely effortless. She instantly grasped the unique concept of Hitchd and helped us grow our social media presence by more than 200% in less than a week. The team also helped tweak and refine our Facebook Ad campaigns to provide us with much-needed data to ensure we are reaching our optimal target audience.

    I can’t say enough positive things about the great work they have done for Hitchd and would highly recommend working with the experts at Oh My Digital Agency.

  • I can’t begin to tell you how useful this report is... Such a valuable tool for us to confidently move forward and I am so glad I reached out to Oh My Digital - super impressed with your service on this.

  • OHHH MY DIGITAL... YOU'RE AMAZING!!!! ( I now get why you're called oh my digital... it's basically an exclamation. Instead of oh my gawd/goodness. totally makes sense). Seriously I am so amazed, what a great cost for knowledge! You have analysed and 'health checked' my business social media & website with so much information but all in a very easy way to understand. I look forward to making a cuppa and diving into this information you have provided me with. It is very exciting information.

    The best part is you're not just teaching me about how running business on social media and website works but you are also making it interesting and keeping the focus on my business history and future.

    What a wonderful service, knowledge and kindness you offer to many business owners.

    I am so grateful ladies. xxx

  • Hayley has been a pleasure to work with. She and Kaitlyn put together a competition campaign for my company Stylkea with a level of professionalism that went beyond my expectations. They have a great, positive attitude, coupled with the right connections (coders, graphic designers etc) and real-world digital experience, which allows them punch above their weight. As well as running a good campaign, Hayley brought new ideas to the table and put systems in place to streamline our digital media management. Importantly, they were open minded and flexible, which is an essential quality given that we’re all learning as the brand is growing and evolving. Sometimes, you need more than an expert telling you what to do – you need collaborators to brainstorm with, and I feel I have that with these talented women. Oh My Digital are the real deal.

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