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April 20, 2018

7 Ways to supercharge your Instagram Stories to boost your social engagement


Unless you’ve been playing house under a rock you would know there is no doubt the photo sharing platform, Instagram, has been gaining some serious momentum in the social networking space of late, particularly because of Instagram Stories.
Created in October 2010 and then sold to Facebook in 2012, Instagram has stated their claim. The powerful social networking platform has over 800 million monthly active users and 500 million of those users jump on daily. Second only to Facebook. For more stats, check out Hootsuite.
But its Instagram’s newest venture, released in January 2018, Instagram Stories, that has the platform reaching soaring heights. Spinning Snapchat’s idea of ephemeral content while making a few of their own tweaks for improvements, Instagram Stories is yet another wiz bang way business can engage new and existing clients.
Before we move on, let’s discuss what Instagram Stories are. It’s a neat feature on Instagram that allows all users to post fun content (video and images) that last 24 hours then disappears. Content plays in slideshow format and chronological order from oldest to newest. You can also tag others in your stories as well as use geotags (locations) but it doesn’t have any comments/ likes opportunity.
There are so many cool things about Instagram Stories like:
  • It’s a brilliant way to remain at the top of your follower’s feed for 24 hours.
  • When you add something new on your story, your story profile picture is illuminated so all your followers know you’ve made an update.
  • It allows you to see just who viewed your story. You can do this by opening your story and swiping up to view who’s been looking.
  • The beauty about ephemeral content is it’s perceived as more trustworthy, authentic and spontaneous where it offers an addictive way for audiences to engage. And the content disappears so followers are more likely to view your stuff straightaway.
  • It’s downright creative and gives you the best opportunity to show em’ what you’re made of.
Ready to give this Instagram Stories thing a go?

Check out our 7 ways to supercharge your Instagram Stories to boost your social engagement.

  1. Go ‘behind-the-scenes’. Share an inside look into your business by offering the faces and names of your people that make the magic happen. By giving your audience an intimate and exclusive glimpse into how you work, the culture of your business and your mission… you can position your brand as trustworthy and, hopefully, relatable.
  2. Stage a takeover. Invite a Instagram micro influencer over to your hood for the day… this will offer your followers a unique perspective through the eyes of someone prominent. An example… Is a fashion blogger travelling to Bali with your label on? Ask them to doco a day while they wear one of your products.
  3. Use live video. Its popularity makes this little content gem highly important. We know it can be daunting going live but social algorithms push video to top priority which means your followers will be notified you are online and live. Increasing your visibility, reach and front of mind position.
  4. Run a poll. Ask your followers for their opinion on what they’d like to see more of. Followers like to be included, valued and listen to and running a poll is a great way to tap into that insight and engagement.
  5. Be real. Instagram Stories are supposed to be raw which should feel more authentic and more personal to your followers; so it’s ok if your content isn’t refined or of premium quality. That’s the whole point. You could share a beautiful sunset or the beach or an amazing coffee. Quick note: use this sparingly, nobody wants to be spammed with food pics unless you’re a food blogger.
  6. Industry updates. If it’s relevant to your industry you could announce industry updates to keep your followers in the loop! You could also count down to a big event or update on industry scandals as they unfold.
  7. And have fun with it. There are so many creative ways to engage your followers like the ones we’ve mentioned above, you just need to think outside the box. By being creative with your content it shows your followers a little bit more about why you do what you do.
Need a little more creative inspo for your Instagram Stories? Try one of these ideas:
  • find inspiration from other Instagram users.
  • run a competition or giveaway.
  • showcase your goods and services or even case studies.
  • create mini episodes of something fun, like a documentary or comedy skit.
  • do a Q&A segment.
Loving these tricks but need a bit of extra help applying them? Get in touch with us and we’ll help launch your biz to the next level.
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